2012 Menu Planning: 1/6/13 – 1/12/13

Cold weather menu planning on a lower-carb eating regimen is tough.  There, I said it, I own it, and I deal with it.  Usually, I eat very, very low carb during the day, and then enjoy a little somethin’ as part of dinner.  Sometimes, I just don’t eat the potato, or as many noodles.  Still, it’s tough in that I have to plan for that.  Yet I’m doing it, and feeling much better.

This week, I will be able to enjoy soft tacos, but skip the corn dish.  I will totally have the whole wheat spaghetti, but in a smaller portion that I used to, and eat up the vegs.  It’s all about the balance, and I’m happy to report I’m achieving that.  Although, to be entirely honest, I am not holding to a strict diet plan, nor am I accountable to anyone other than the little spirits on my shoulders.  So here’s what’s on our dinner menus this week (costs are rounded and are really and truly for four):

Sunday:  Pan-grilled chicken breasts (1.50), broccoli (.45), cauli (.45), roasted sweet potatoes (.35).

Monday:  Leftover turkey (1.48/#) in soft tacos (~2.50), corn/black bean mix (.90), green salads (.40).

Tuesday:  Whole wheat spaghetti (.50), with marinara (.50) and cheese (.30), broccoli (.45), salads (.40).

Wednesday:  Italian (.50) ground beef (1.88/#) crescent (1.20) ring, salads (.40).

Thursday:  Crocked pork chops (1.90) with sauerkraut (.60) and potatoes (free still), green beans (.35).

Friday:  Salsa (.75) chicken (1.50), brown rice (.35), veg tbd (~.75), salad for me (.10).

Saturday:  Cheddar brat (.99) and potato (free still) skillet (~.50), salads for all (.40).

These seven menus for four will cost me about $21.  True, most of the meats have been in deep freeze and were purchased at rock-bottom prices in the fall and December.  Cheeses, too.  Can’t afford not to do this with the economy the way it is.  Seasonal buying and careful storing help us with varied eating throughout the year.  This is my mantra.

So what’s on YOUR menu?

For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday at OrgJunkie.com.


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