Aldi’s Simply Nature Line

simplynaturebrothAldi has a new line of food products called SimplyNature All Natural Food.  Many of the products are labeled “organic,” and some are not.  Have you, dear readers, tried these products?  Please share your experience in the comments.

The organic products are identified by the word “organic” in a green leaf below the brand logo.  They have an organic free range chicken broth (1.69 for 32 oz box, not bad), organic frozen berries and fresh yogurt.  But many items, like cereals and other grain products are not labeled organic.  Read the labels, and look for the green leaf if organic is important to you.

This product line seems like it could be an alternative for those who cannot get to Trader Joe’s, Aldi’s organic/whole foods cousin with only one Omaha location.  And it is a step up from their Fit&Active brand, which has its own merits compared to conventional products.  I’ll be trying a few of these products….you?


12 thoughts on “Aldi’s Simply Nature Line

  1. We had the Uncured Pepperoni thin crust pizza last night and it was delicious. Full of fresh flavor and we cooked it on a pizza pan so it had a softer crust. will definitely have it again. And only 420 calories for half the pizza.Thanks Aldis


  2. We were do excited to try the Free Range Chicken Broth…’s great (haven’t tried the fit & Active, so unable to compare)! Sad that they sold out of it so soon…..we want to know if they’ll be getting more! The Simply Nature brown rice Crisps were super tastey! They also had steel cut oats (not the frozen, single serving), but the kind you find at the health food store and cook yourself. Aldi’s are half the price, and the same thing…..great find, hope they keep them around!


  3. I got the organic Tomato Basil pasta sauce, and it’s delicious! Very fresh tasting, with nice chunks of tomato & basil in it. I love how few ingredients there are!


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