Welcome to The Tough Get Frugal!  I’ve got projects, and more time and creativity than money. Frugality wins here.

me2My name is Lisa. Join me as I tackle a variety of projects and topics of daily life. From major home improvements, to simple decorating tasks, I will find a frugal solution!  I’m feeling pretty nimble and energetic these days, but what I can’t tackle, I hire out. Because sometimes that is the most frugal thing to do.

I’m CEO and CFO of my household.  I run a modest family of four including a teen at home and an adult son in the military.  Life keeps me pretty busy, but I find deals everywhere I can.  These days I have to manage the time as much as or more than the budget, so I work smarter.  My thrifty efforts keep me working on all kinds of things, because this old house needs a lot of TLC.

I am privileged to meet a wide variety of folks in various work and life situations.  I am fully aware that we are extremely blessed with what God has given us, so I contribute most of my frees, cheap deals and excess to a local food pantry, Project Hope.   I invite you to donate yours, too.

The Tough Get Frugal is the former home of Cheap Thrills In Omaha. CTiO was a deal-sharing site, including local Omaha grocery deals. These days, I’m focusing on other things, but that information is still available elsewhere.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Lisa!

    Do you have an email I could contact you at? I work for a few companies in Omaha & have information on free stuff to do in Omaha & deals, etc. I’d love to share them with you! You can email me at corrie@xxxxxx.



    • Readers, you can always comment to the post where it’s pertinent (grocery deals, etc.). If it’s a new deal I haven’t listed yet, I’d love to know. Thanks!


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