Congratulations, Restor-A-Finish Giveaway Winners!

Congratulations to the following readers, who each won a set of:

  • One 16-oz Golden Oak Restor-A-Finish, and
  • One 16-oz Feed-N-Wax

in the Restor-A-Finish giveaway!  These readers are on their way to simple, beautiful woodwork restoration.

Congratulations, Jackie, Beth, David Henry, Dawn Zimmerman, and Jana Deaver!  Check your email for details.

Thanks to Howard Products for these awesome products!  Check out their whole line of products for wood.  I don’t work for Howard Products, nor do I get any referrals from them.  I just love these products and want to share this Cheap Thrill with all of you.

Seriously, this is the easiest, thriftiest way to perk up your wood trim and cabinets.  Enjoy.


Fabulous Wood Cleaning Products — Awesome Giveaway!

Thanks to the awesome folks at Howard Products, I’ve got an incredible giveaway for you!

A few years ago I learned about a product that would clean cabinet gook, cover scratches, and restore the luster of aged wood — without stripping or refinishing.  But since I’d just finished scrubbing my kitchen cabinets and touching them up, I put this in my idea folder.  A recent honest look at my cabinets and trim made me cringe, and the thought of paying a few thousand for refinishing, well, upset me.  Looking through my folder, and a trip to Menard’s, brought me face to face with my new love — Restor-A-Finish by Howard Products!

Restor-A-Finish is a liquid product that wipes on with a soft cloth, or a fine steel wool in the case of severe damage, and wipes dry.  AMAZING!  I used Restor-A-Finish on my disgusting kitchen cabinets, damaged by the coffee maker, grubby kid hands, sink splashes, and whatever that stuff was that finally came off.  I cannot tell you how wonderful this product is!

Here’s what I did.  There are nine different woodgrain finishes to select from; I chose Golden Oak for most of my light oak cabinetry and trim, which is pretty typical for mid-90s West O homes.  There was plenty of 000 steel wool in the garage from other projects.  I wet the steel wool with Restor-A-Finish, and gently rubbed into the surface, including damaged areas, blending the Restor-A-Finish into the existing finish, and scrubbing off the gook.  I did have to use my fingernail on a few stubborn spots, but the product did most of the work, with minimal fumes.  Then right away I wiped it dry with a soft cloth.  It let me srub away the sludge, blend the scratches, and incorporate a beautiful finish.  It literally looks like I have new kitchen cabinets.   I have ten upper cabinet doors, six lowers, and nine drawerfronts.  I did one cabinet section per day, two on a few adventurous days with extra time on my hands.  It took me less than two weeks, and since there was no drying time, there was zero kitchen worktime lost.  Yay!  I wasn’t aware I’d LOVE this product so much, so I didn’t take before pics of the kitchen, but there are other pics below.

Restor-A-Finish works with the existing finish to revitalize and bond to it.  This product pretty much soaks into scratches and colors them, then becomes part of the existing top finish.  And the results are miraculous!  Look at these before and after pics of my bathroom trim  (click on pics to enlarge):


And the bathroom vanity  drawer.

  Before — yuk!

  Half done — you can see the difference!

  All done — yay!

The trim in my entryway now looks terrific.  The half-bath and kids’ bathroom cabinets are looking spiffy, too.

But wait!  There’s more!

Howard Products recommends its Feed-N-Wax to provide a protective finish over the Restor-A-Finish.  I just started applying this product systematically in the kitchen.  First off, it smells wonderful!  Feed-N-Wax is a “unique blend of beeswax, carnauba wax and orange oil” that you rub onto the wood surface, let sit 20 minutes, and wipe dry.  This is awesome stuff!  It creates a nice luster, a little shinier than the Restor-A-Finish.  It forms a protective coat, which is great for kitchen and bathroom cabinets.  I can hear the difference tapping my fingernails against a door just finished with Restor-A-Finish (which looks great) and one finished further with Feed-N-Wax (which looks, feels — and sounds — great).

Just to test it, I flicked some water on the treated cabinet, and it beaded!  It really did.  I can imagine how this will help me keep the cabinets clean just with regular wiping.  (The old finish allowed stuff to cling and dry like concrete.)

So I told Eric over at Howard Products that I LOVE the products, and he sent me a whole case of each to give away to Omaha-area Cheap Thrills readers!   Sorry, over now, folks.   Yes, YOU can get these products FREE!  I’ll be giving away six sets of:

  • One 16-oz Golden Oak Restor-A-Finish, and
  • One 16-oz Feed-N-Wax.

This is more than enough to do an average size kitchen, a bathroom, and trim around several doors, windows and baseboards.

How to enter:  Leave a comment below stating your most challenging DIY home project this spring, AND if you’ve used Howard Products before, and the results.  One entry per person, please.  You MUST enter your email address so I can contact you.  The giveaway will end on Saturday, May 7 at noon, and winners will be announced by Tuesday, May 10.

Can’t wait to hear how you plan to use these products!  I can tell you that Cheap Thrills will be restoring the entire main level in prepration for a mid-May event.  And I’m dying to see how it handles my solid wood front door — I’ll report back on that.