Hawaii Cruise Vacation 2017

In 2017 we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary! I remember when I thought couples celebrating their “Silver Anniversary” were sooo old. Well. I’m not old. So that was a misconception, certainly.

To celebrate, we took a long-in-the-planning trip to Hawaii. After my medical scare in February/March, we decided that we would definitely continue with our plans. It made us realize we needed to experience these things we dreamed about and saved for, and not pass up opportunities to enjoy this life.

We’d saved for this trip, and had just signed contracts and made the down payment two weeks before I found out there was even a medical issue. Pre-paying still happened. We postponed a house project instead, so it all worked out really well. Using a travel agent with AAA was the best decision for us. We got the best deal, had everything taken care of in advance, and really appreciated the top drawer service. Our cruise package included a lot of things we hadn’t thought about, so we felt we got great value. On shore, we stayed well under our “extra” budget at restaurants and souvenir shops, too. I was really happy to discover this.

Our trip was at the end of September and into October. We flew to Honolulu, then boarded Norwegian Cruise Line’s Pride of America for a cruise to other islands and back to Oahu. It was magical. The islands are beautiful, fragrant and welcoming. The ocean is soothing. Everything is quite laid back. The people are amazing. We spent two days in Waikiki with tours of Honolulu and Pearl Harbor. We walked everywhere: along the beach, to restaurants, to a parade, to a little Christmas shop. Our hotel gave us a room upgrade, with two balconies: one had a clear view of the ocean that was really something. The beach was great for walking and just relaxing. We needed the relaxing.

On our ship, we had excellent room location, it was very quiet, and our tiny balcony let us enjoy many sunsets and sunrises. We had a complimentary bottle of non-alcoholic wine (which was actually very good) and bowl of fruit, which lasted a few days for snacking. I enjoyed the cruise part; DH maybe not as much. Unlimited buffets concerned me. But I took small portions of some incredible food, left some on the plate most of the time, and was able to pretty much nosh my way through breakfast and dinner. We had two fancier, non-buffet meals. It was all very well done, with impeccable service and calming atmosphere. All included, of course.

The cruise offered shore excursions, and this being our first cruise and our first visit to Hawaii, we opted for several of them, even though they were not cheap. Our favorites were a helicopter tour over a volcano with an active lava flow (we sat in the front seats with nothing but glass all around us); a walking tour of the National Botanical Gardens; and a tour of the eastern side of Oahu with stops at gorgeous beaches — and Dole Plantation. The cost for these excursions was figured into our tour package and was prepaid.

My phone bricked on day four. I only lost one day’s worth of my own photos, and all my texts. I had two months left on my phone payments, but it was out of warranty. Fortunately, there was a Verizon store a short cab ride from the ship, so we were able to pay off the last two months and set up the new phone on the account in relatively short order. I can’t say that was a cruise expense, though. It went in our utility expenses.

The only really hard part of the trip was returning. Not only do all flights from Hawaii to the mainland leave late in the evening, but also, we arrived in Omaha at nearly midnight — the following day! The bliss lasts, though, and I’m still saying, “Aloha,” and “Mahalo” two and a half months later.

I’m not going to tell you how much the trip cost. But it was the first vacation of its kind that we have taken, and just the two of us enjoying together the beauty of God’s great out-of-doors for more than a week. It was worth every penny sent to savings. Sometimes the value is more than monetary, you know? We know that if there is a next Hawaii trip, we know now which island(s) we prefer, how much more there is to discover there, and that there are more cost-effective ways to travel. Next time that might make more sense. But this time….awesome.

Lisa’s Top Ten Cruising Tips (And I Ain’t No Expert):

  1. Use a travel agent! They know or can find out the best packages, the best time to go, and best rooms to book. They handle all the tickets, flights, transportation, etc.
  2. Find the package that works best for you. Prepaid gratuities? Complimentary services? On-board credits? You have to ask sometimes, but you’ll probably find what you need.
  3. Take advantage of free meals, but don’t overdo it. You don’t have to eat the whole smorgasbord, but enjoy new foods, the amount your tummy needs, and tiny bits of sweet treats. Three meals a day are not required, and honestly, if you just want a salad and a chocolate truffle, you can do that. You’re on vacation!
  4. Make use of all the amenities that work for you. We were out on our balcony every morning with coffee, and every evening with the complementary non-alcoholic wine, or not. We did not use the pool one single time, although we tried to lounge there one day. That didn’t work for us. The beauty of the ship is that you can choose or choose not (as Yoda would say).
  5. Know your room assignment before you board, and before you book, if possible. I knew what I did and did not want in a room. Because I spoke up, we got the right room for us, and perfect for our budget.
  6. Get familiar with the ship before you board. Everything is online these days. I felt like I knew where I was going and what it would be like before we even packed. That made it easy to just let things happen.
  7. Enjoy the process. Embarking, going ashore and the mandatory safety drills just take time. If you’re prepared for a wait, or can make friends in the lines, you’ll be better off. Make sure you figure in all the time you need so you don’t get overwhelmed or feel so rushed you don’t enjoy the journey.
  8. Book the activities you want early! As ship reservations fill, so do dinner reservations, excursions, activities and spa reservations. You’ll have to pay for excursions when you book, sometimes six months early, but you may be able to cancel for ship credit, depending on the policy. Know that policy.
  9. Don’t overbook your days or nights. For us, the purpose of a vacation is to relax, and planning some down time helped us do just that. We had one full day with nothing structured, and it was just what we needed.
  10. Save before you book. Don’t charge a cruise. This is a special thing, one of those things you save up for.  If you think you’re going to go budget on a special trip, then it’s not going to be special. We planned a big “extra” budget, so we were ready. If you don’t have the money, you can’t afford it, and yes, it is that simple.

There you go. From a non-expert, the top ten cruising tips. I would recommend the cruise around the islands if you want to explore the different ones and don’t want to spend half your time waiting in airports or renting vehicles. If you want to pay upfront and have it all done for you, cruising is the way to go. But, if you want to set your own schedule, go where and when you want, and are very confident in unfamiliar places, you might want to visit one island, rent a vehicle, and plan your own budget trip.

I’m not so sure we’ll go on another cruise. Hopefully we’ll make it back to Maui and/or Kona. But we’ll do it differently, now that we’ve seen the islands and what kind of vacations are on each of them. All of the islands and all of the people are beautiful. There’s just a lot of getting around involved.

Are you planning a big vacation in 2018? Where are you going, and what are you doing?



Happy Spring! New Projects

Happy spring! 82 degrees on the last day of winter…whaaatt?! A harbinger of a hot summer, I’m afraid.

It’s time to plan projects for the next few months. And we have monkey wrenches already.

We had two major goals for this year: a bucket list vacation to celebrate our 25th anniversary, and addressing the retaining wall on the south side of the garage. Weeelll, wouldn’t you know it?

During a ROUTINE ANNUAL EXAM, a tumor was found, in my abdomen, which required major surgery to remove. I cannot stress enough the value of such exams. It had been two and a half years since I’d been to the doctor, and this thing developed during that time, with no symptoms! Sometimes we think since we’re feeling fine, our bodies are fine. But things happen when you don’t even know it, and the doctors’ jobs are to be aware and find these things while they can still be taken care of. It was ultimately benign, I thank God, but the size of a large, unripe pear. It and the obsolete organ it invaded were removed. There will be a scar, a very large scar. Which no one but my husband and me will see. I’m okay with that.

Without getting political, I have a pre-ACA health insurance policy, with excellent coverage, and my out of pocket cost will be quite manageable, although a big part of our savings. I know the dollar amount, and we are just waiting for the bills to roll in. I’m keeping track of the EOBs online. I have several weeks of recovery ahead of me, doing quite well, thank you. I am trying to learn to “be still.” I have more time to plan, less time to work, and less funds. Challenge accepted!

First of all, we’ve scratched the retaining wall project. My spidey sense is telling me it will cost much more than my marked up estimate. (I usually add 15% to what early research indicates.) While this does need to be done, there are also neighbor factors involved (they have their own issues this year), and more thoughtful planning required (electric supply lines run through the area). This is not something I want to tackle this year, especially since it would take several months from first calls to completion, and be angst-ridden the whole time.

My health issue brought to mind that our self-promised vacation should be a priority for us right now. Since we’ve already saved for it, even with the medical bills, we’re going for it. We may revise our itinerary a bit, but we’ve decided to go.

Meanwhile, the funds will grow for the retaining wall project, while this year we focus on more mundane and less costly maintenance. I will be using service professionals for most, if not all, of my projects this year. My body needs to heal, and the projects are very specific. Plus, I don’t have the equipment. Landscaping will probably not be a big thing this year, except for general cleanup. I’m still developing the list, and hope to get started implementing right after Easter. I’ll be back to share that.

What projects are you planning this year? How have financial surprises changed your list?