Decluttering: Ice Day

We had an ice day recently. And the iciness and bone-chilling cold had me de-cluttering some more. Hey, it kept me warm.

This day it was more decluttering of my bathroom, specifically the storage shelf. Long ago when I looked for a storage unit that fit the space, I found that these kinds of things are sooo expensive! We had moved in a year previously, and I had thought about it enough to kind of know what I wanted. Open, decorative shelving, I thought, would “force” us to keep it organized, and would allow ease of use with the towels. Hmm.

But I was on a budget. I bought this shelf unit from a friend at a garage sale for $10. It was white, but I painted the metalwork black and used leftover stain on the faux wicker to give it a natural look. Funny, that friend told me that’s how it originally looked when she got it. Here’s what it looked like before I tackled it. Not entirely bad, especially since the two of us are the only ones who really see it.

Tower O Clutter

The whole thing is a dust magnet. I’d kept the towels rolled because once upon a time they were all the same color and it looked cool. Now I keep it up because it makes everything fit. In a perfect world, they would be bigger, fluffier, and all the same. The next shelf of folded towels and washcloths has always bothered me. It has been “how to do it” for 15 years, but still and always they don’t stay arranged by color. There’s also an electric toothbrush that gets used regularly by DH and that is plugged in all the time. And the dusty old radio/boom box on the bottom actually gets used daily by me. The CD player has been fussy, though, so the original purpose of playing relaxing music during my “spas” hasn’t been achieved lately. But the radio works and I plug it in when I want to hear it, but I keep the cord handy. Oh, and it has a cassette player, too, which does work. Tells you it’s early 1990s.

How the cords are.
How the cords are.

The bins are my “closed storage within open storage” solution to many spa-type items in one, and quick-grab cleaning items in the other. The big white container holds regular old pre-gift epsom salts. And there, on the floor, is still the giant tub o epsom salts, which I use, but is still very heavy and not pretty.

So I tackled it. Everything came off and got loosely arranged around the bathroom. The thing got moved and the floor beneath it was scrubbed well. Then I got to cleaning the thing itself. The dust got vacuumed off with the brush attachment, and some areas got wiped with a damp microfiber cloth. The bins got emptied, vacuumed out, spot wiped, and put aside. The electric toothbrush charging base was cleaned and returned (because that’s where DH likes it), but went to the top shelf. The boom box was set aside to be addressed later in the day: “I’d love to have the CD working again. A girl can dream.” Everything else got wiped down before it got put back or put elsewhere.

The large bath towels were kept rolled and stacked on a lower shelf, for easier grabbing and to provide more room at the top. We’ll see if that lasts; I don’t have high hopes. The hand towels and washcloths were rearranged and pared down just a bit.

The lavender epsom salts got partially decanted! I poured the unscented epsom salts from the white container into a quart freezer bag. The (recycled) container now holds the stuff I’ll use, along with a scoop. I’d still like another solution, but this allows the excess to be stored in the hallway closet, and the smellies to be readily available.

All the epsom salts.

Now that the bins were emptied, I purged some old candles and old-old spa things, and put them into one. I also added some understock of shampoo and conditioner. Into the other one, I put the cleaners, sprays and a couple of rags. I also keep cleaning wipes in there for occasional quick tidying. There is still a bunch of room in both bins.

Extra TP was brought up from where we keep most of it. There’s always supposed to be at least a roll or two there.

After I got most of the decluttering done, I addressed the CD player. It’s still not working. And I’m just going to live with it. Maybe for a gift, the CD fairy will bring me a new one so I can listen to some really awesome relaxation CDs again while I take my spa. Anyway, fresh and clean, it went back on the bottom shelf.

The end result was pretty satisfying. It took about 45 minutes, including taking care of the boom box.


The bathroom is looking pretty good! The only other decluttering would be under the cabinets. DH is in charge of all his own stuff there. And mine was addressed just a few months ago, so I’m good for now.

This isn’t the only project I tackled on Ice Day. I also cleaned the oven and stove. But that’s boring.

Less clutter = more peace. If you need me this evening, I’ll be in my spa.

How are you decluttering your space?



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