Decluttering: The Master Tub

My efforts to declutter a small area at a time are paying off in my attitude. I feel better, accomplished and healthier with fewer dust-collecting things around. Yesterday I addressed the master bathroom tub area.

One of the great things about this house, imho, is the jet tub. I call it my “spa,” and I use it often. It is mine, because I am the only one who uses it. That means the clutter is also mine.

Clutter even here.

I removed everything, to start. That big, black container is my Christmas gift from #1. “Lavender bath salts” translated into a “giant, athlete-grade jar-o-epsom salts,” apparently, and that’s just fine. They smell great! The epsom salts were moved off the tub, to the space by the shelving unit, to be addressed very soon. The container is very heavy, so I’m thinking of decanting it into smaller jars. I just didn’t have a decision at the moment (I need to plan that better).

To decant, or not to decant? A decision is forthcoming.

Candles were put in a bin on a shelf, where they are supposed to go when they re-harden. I have no idea how I ended up with this many tub candles, and there are more in the bin which will be addressed later. The Mom votive holder is a preschool Mother’s Day gift from #2, and looks pretty cool when the flame is going. I do like my spa candles, but they can be put away.

The little dish with fancy organic soap stays. Also staying are the air freshener beads from Yankee. I don’t think they’ve been very effective, but they have about a week left, then they’re gone, too. The towels were sent to wash.

I scrubbed down the whole area: tiles, flat surfaces, chrome and tub. To clean bathroom tile and fiberglass, I’ve been using this.

Best scrubber ever!

Inside is a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and Dawn dish soap. The solution cuts through oil and dirt, and shines up surfaces and chrome. The curve of the handle allows me to use less force and still get a good scrub. I usually use it while I’m still in the shower, and do one or two walls/floor per day. For that reason, it’s kept in the shower. It also works great on the vinyl shower curtain liner. Today I used it on this area and it was all clean super fast.

Then I put back a few things. After a cleaning, the pillow went back, because it is inviting to me and there is nowhere else for it to go. The soap dish went in the corner, and the air freshener is temporarily back. That’s it.

Much better!

With fewer things on the tub, it’s easier to clean. It looks lighter, fresher, too. I still need to figure out the epsom salt situation. And I need to be prepared to act on every item, not just keep moving things around. Because eventually they need to be addressed, anyway, and why wait until the problems accumulate?

Cost = $0.

What are you working on decluttering?


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