Decluttering: The Bathroom Counter

No, you’re NOT getting a view of the before. That was just a hot mess, actually quite awful.

All the little stuff that gets used daily somehow ends up “out” and nasty. This week I couldn’t take the bathroom display any longer, and requested it all be put away. I took care of my stuff, and, lovingly, DH took care of his.

As for mine, I regularly purge expired items, product samples that aren’t working, and used containers. After more of that, and wiping down saved bottles, tubes and jars, I put my things away in drawers or in containers under the vanity. We have drawer dividers, purchased many years ago, that got a thorough bath with the kitchen sprayer, then reorganized with both our things. Ours are no longer available, but if I had to buy new, I would look at these. That would be after I checked thrift stores. (This is not my drawer, btw. Mine is also full of skin care, not so much makeup.)

Cosmetic Tray 21-3/4in W Base WH
Two-tiered storage!

DH does use many things on a daily basis, and unless there is an easy solution, they will end up on the counter again. Soooo, I remembered this, leftover from a garage sale purchase of vintage Army men a few years ago.

Basket for our basket case bathroom

The Army men were sold on eBay for much, much more than that, and this had many temporary uses. But now it has a new life, and can be pulled out for easy access. It will live here.

Home, sweet home.

I would prefer a solid bin, so I will scour the house for one during my upcoming endeavors. This works for now. That big drawer holds a hair dryer and other large items DH uses. Under my sink, I have two similar stackable drawers for big items, and for “understock” items, which definitely need attention. Yeah, you’re not seeing that, either.

Drawer inserts and general cleaning = $0.  Blue basket = $0.  Dusting and microfiber scrubbing = $0. Leftover counter polish = $0. (Cleaners are included in our monthly budget and are general to the household.) I use and recommend Gel-Gloss for laminate and resin surfaces.

Gel-Gloss Fiberglass Cleaner And Polish

So, the counters got decluttered, scrubbed and buffed, the storage areas got thoroughly cleaned, and all is well with the world in the way of bathroom clutter. All that remain on top are soap and lotion for each sink, my big uber-magnifying mirror (used daily), a box of tissues, and a small tray with jars for cotton balls, swabs, and cups. I hope it can stay this way. It’s so much easier to dust and keep clean.

This area took me about half an hour and cost zero. It was not an enjoyable task. The results, though, are well worth it and potentially long term.

What are you working on decluttering?



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