The Door, Round Two

“It’s always something.” — Grandmother Rosanadana

I am sad to report that I was not able to stain the front door after all. While finishing the detail sanding, I came across old repairs that were not stainable, and that were, quite frankly, ugly.

Aged Ugliness
Aged Ugliness


Whatever This Is...
Whatever This Is…

I resigned myself to painting rather than staining. It was a difficult decision, and I kept sanding, hoping for a miracle. Alas, it did not come. I returned the unopened wood conditioner and the stain and began to weigh my options.

I set out on a quest to find a local source for Modern Masters Front Door Paint, but there is no one that has color samples of their limited colors, and it takes up to two weeks to get the paint. Sorry, Modern Masters, but you need to do something different. The product seems awesome, but I’m not ordering paint that takes two weeks to get here, without seeing a sample. And monitors and screens are never accurate.

My guys at Sherwin Williams to the rescue! I told them what I needed and wanted: UV tolerable, fast drying, smooth finish, satin, and in quart size, not gallon. They hooked me up with Resilience, totally tintable to whatever color I wanted, so I had plenty of selection. It’s an exterior paint, but it went on so smoothly. I got primer, too, of course.

I took artist brushes and got the corners of the moldings first, careful to not let the primer build up. Then I got to work on the carved area.

Lots and Lots of Details.
Lots and Lots of Details.

Primer dries quickly, but I wanted to let it sit a day, just to be sure. The brick red I chose is darker than the actual outside brick, and red enough for my preference. I am happy, happy, happy that I could paint it without removing it, because it’s very heavy and cumbersome, and this was just so much easier. The camera, and monitors, do not do it justice — it is not this orange, or this light, IRL.

First Coat is the Deepest.
There is a second coat on, and while removing the tape, I found a few tiny areas that need touching up. Of course. That will happen Tuesday, after Labor Day. I can’t wait to show you the full final result!

“It all worked out really well.”

After returning the stain stuff, and getting primer and paint, this cost about $22 more. Total for the door project: about $45 for tools and paint products.

I am not thinking about my next project. I know fall gardening is coming, and that I need to deep clean a few specific areas of my home. Fall is approaching very quickly! I think for now I’m going to rest up, and take some more arthritis meds.

Have a great Labor Day! Enjoy a frugal cookout, and time with your family and friends.



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