A Fresh Coat of Paint

They’re heeeeeeeeeere!

Good news: The painters are in the midst of doing their thing on the house. YAY!  Finally, we will no longer be the calico house on the block.  Bad news: They have the front door and windows covered and taped today, so I feel like I’m in the zombie apocalypse. But it’s just temporary….RIGHT?!

Good news: The weather is anticipated to be awesome this week, so that should not be a problem.  Bad news: Last week they had to stop at about 3 pm each day because of heat and humidity — the heat index temps were 110 – 115 deg, and I don’t know how they made it that late in the day.  So they’re a little behind, and we’re looking at another few days, I guess.

Bad news: A side garage door had to be replaced because the threshold and framing were completely rotted out, and it could not be solved by painting. I remember asking the repair company about this, but it wasn’t included, which I should have addressed in April.  Good news: The painters are also remodelers, so they were able to replace it at a very fair cost.


Uh, no, I don't think this is going to be okay. Let's just fix it.
Uh, no, I don’t think this is going to be okay. Let’s just fix it.

Bad news: Our family policy is that when there are contractors here, one of us is here, always. This is a “non-negotiable” rule. With the delays for days, I was dreading this part. Good news: The painters are good about texting or telling me they’re leaving, so I can get on with whatever quick errands I have away from the house. And, since they do not need to get into the garage (except for that door) or the house, I can slip out for very short periods when I need to. DH approved this.  Also good news: I was able to completely clean my entire house last week, uninterrupted! That almost never happens these days. (Nevermind the why….it got done, okay?)

We’ve also been having a barrel of fun here.  Back to school last week.  A traffic sign pole flattened by my teen driver (no ticket). DH out of town on business all last week, arriving home past midnight. And, of course, my foolish thing.

I am so happy this house painting is finally getting done. Not only is it the end of the home repair saga that is my year, but it also will be a cosmetic improvement. We’re having more trim painted out, and going with a slightly different color. But mostly, I just want it to all be finished.

Sneak preview of the ch-ch-ch-changes.
Sneak preview of the ch-ch-ch-changes.


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