Strike When The Deal Is Hot

I’ve been really, really trying to stick to my list whenever I enter a store this year. I haven’t done too badly so far this year. And, I must be emphatic about this:

This is not a grocery blog!

But. Lately I have found some most amazing deals, and I wanted to share an observation with you. Today on a regular trip to Aldi, I found these:

Good stuff, great prices.
Good stuff, great prices.


The bread is 100% whole wheat, without a super high sodium level. They were on special for .49!!! Just one word: FREEZER.

The ground beef is 85/15 organic, grass fed, 1# packages. They were on special for 2.99!!!  Also, FREEZER.

Are you kidding me?! I had not planned on bulk buying this week (because I made a big Zaycon purchase the other day). And yet, these kinds of deals cannot be passed. I got six loaves of bread and four pounds of ground beef. I had just enough room in the basket drawer of the upright freezer for the bread, and fit the beef in a bin on a shelf easily. Joyous.

Lately I have been finding odd deals like this, and have been adding a few to my cart here and there. This is not an unusual thing, not at all! The unusual thing is that I’m finding lots of similar deals at both of the stores I hit weekly, and some great produce deals at another store I hit sometimes. Yes, it is harvest season, and we got a lot of rain this spring, so the produce is abundant. I’m not sure why all the great meat deals (pot roast 1.99/#!). But I have a hunch.

The past year has seen several small “natural foods” grocers open, the Fresh Thyme chain begin opening, and stalwarts Walmart and Baker’s institute new BOPUS (buy online, pick up store) programs. Friends, it’s Grocery Wars again! And I am thrilled.

The thing for me, though, is resisting the urge to load up tens of each awesome bargain. I no longer have a full house here. We often just have two for dinner. I am trying to stick to a budget, good grief. Today, I did not stick to my grocery list in either store. I also will not have to buy bread for six more weeks, nor ground beef for a month or two. And I’m pretty set on frozen fruit, because that’s where the .88/pt blueberries and .99/# strawberries went a couple of weeks ago.

Back to frugality. It’s about doing the best with what you have, where you are. And I know that with some lean months coming very soon, these deals will hold us over. Who am I kidding? We’re in the lean months already. The next few will be “super scrimp” for us. And I do love a challenge.



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