The Lawn and Another Refund Request

UPDATE: We received a refund for the full amount! That paid for the hauling of the barberry bushes and a new blower. Nice.

For years, DH took care of our lawn himself, from cutting to trimming, to fertilizer and weed control. Then the DSes got old enough to cut the grass, and we hired them for a token wage. Then a couple years ago, DH discovered he could hire a company to apply the lawn treatments for just a little less than what it cost for the product when he did it himself. And he wouldn’t have to do it. And it would be done accurately.


We paid up front, and they came several times throughout the year to apply appropriate product. The lawn looked awesome. It was healthy, happy and green, with very few weeds (even though our neighbor apparently started a dandelion farm). They always cleaned up with a blower, and were here and gone in about 20 minutes (we have a large yard).

This year, we again paid up front. By the last of April, we had no treatments, but the owner said the weather conditions hadn’t been right, so our first treatment would be soon. By the last of May, we still had no treatments. DH called every day for a week, with no response. Finally, he sent a letter requesting a refund. At this point, we have lost the benefit of the combined treatments. That’s a shame, really. But we have learned to request refunds when the product is not provided.

So the decision was made that this year we would not apply lawn treatment. It’s healthy enough to get through one year “nekkid.” #2 is cutting it regularly, and the weather has been very favorable. Keeping it high helps, too. If we get the refund, we will have saved about the amount of one and a half months’ groceries. And the lawn will live.

Other good gardening news is that we have not used the sprinklers once so far this year. The guy came to turn on the system, and found three minor repairs, for a total of less than $40 parts and labor. Scheduling that was interesting, because it always seemed to rain the day he was scheduled. But it got done finally. And we haven’t needed them because we’re getting regular rain, some stormy, some regular springtime stuff. This is a great deal of savings, which we hope will continue through the summer.

As a result of that sprinkler turn-on, we discovered we were really overdue for a replacement shutoff valve. Darn hard water. That was a reasonable fix, and we had budgeted for it. Again, T&K Plumbing to the rescue! We need the outside water faucets replaced, but that will be later in the year, or maybe next year.

All I see is savings! “And it all worked out really well.”


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