A Much Better Florist For You

Last fall I ranted about the florist that really messed up on the delivery to my father-in-law’s memorial service.  Now I have great news!

Carithers Flowers.

First of all, the service is terrific! I called and explained that I was looking for local Marietta, GA delivery, and what I was looking for.  I had been to their web site, but wanted to check out the service level by phone. The gal answered my questions without hesitation, thoroughly, and competently. I trusted them. When I asked if it was possible to include a small box of chocolates, she explained the local chocolatier they used.

What I ordered was a Christmas centerpiece of greens, white flowers and a hurricane candle. And the chocolates. I gave instructions on what to do if the recipient was not home. I got an email within minutes of the delivery, stating what they had done (which is exactly what I’d asked).

The recipient said she cried because the flowers were so beautiful. Wow. That’s got to be a beautiful arrangement. I did get a photo from the recipient, and it was blurry, but it did look spectacular.

So! Flowers in the Atlanta, Georgia metro area will be henceforth ordered from Carithers Flowers.  They have many locations around town, awesome flowers, and truly wonderful employees.



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