No Spendsday Wednesday = Freebies for Me!

What’s better than a No Spendsday Wednesday?  One with FREE stuff!

This week I was able to meet with a friend (Hey, Jen!) for yummy coffeehouse drinks, and mine was free in exchange for some market feedback.

Then we headed over to the mall, where we each got some free Victoria’s Secret products.  Somehow, I am on their mailing list.  I have no idea how because I’ve never purchased there.  But about quarterly I get coupons for free undergarments.  The strangest thing is that my adult son is on their mailing list, too, with a feminized version of his name, and he swears he’s never purchased there.  Whatever!  Freebie for my friend, too.

Then, as we were walking through Sears on the way back to our cars, she began explaining how she “does deals” using Shop Your Way, getting needed items, accumulating points, using them combined with coupons on other items, etc.  Kind of like the Kohl’s or Walgreen’s deal scenarios.  So I saw a garment I wanted for my fall wardrobe (and had been shopping for), and I knew it would fit in the clothing budget.  Plus it was on sale!  And the SYW card intrigued me.

When I went to check out, I signed up for SYW, and they asked if I had a Sears card.  Nope, and I wasn’t planning on getting one.  Until she said that my purchase would be free, because there was an immediate cash off deal if I signed up.  Well, that was more difficult of a decision that you would think!  And my, “Okay!” probably made it seem like it wasn’t.  But it was.  We don’t need a Sears card.  I was prepared to pay cash.  I carry too many plastic rewards cards and other things in my wallet.  The open credit concerns me.  And yet, I walked away with a free sweater and a credit card that is going to be filed away in the basement.  DH was fine with the credit application, btw.

The one bad thing is that the weather was quite wicked, and my umbrella broke.  Just snapped.  And went right into the trash can at the mall.  No worries, we have other umbrellas, so I didn’t have to buy a new one, and the rain and hail stopped by the time we went out to our cars.

So how are your No Spendsday Wednesdays going? 


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