No Spendsday Wednesdays

Recently I’ve been implementing No Spendsday Wednesdays for myself.  I don’t buy anything, not at all, and it feels good.

It’s not a chore or a rule.  It’s just something I started doing one day when I woke up and thought, “I don’t need to spend anything today.”  It was kind of a natural fast, like “I’m not hungry,” and I realized I just did not need to spend for at least a day.

No bills.  No gas, no groceries, no “errands.”  Oh, I went out, and picked up things, and did things.  I just didn’t spend money, and I didn’t need to.

So I started thinking after this happened a few weeks in a row, that No Spendsday Wednesdays would be good self-discipline.  A spending Sabbath, kinda sorta but not really.  Again, it’s not a rule for me, just something to remind me that it’s not always about “the stuff.”  There are things larger than this physical world that matter more.

I’ve decided to use my midweek energy instead on using and maintaining our already existing blessings. Addressing one thing per week is not outrageous.  Hand washing my vehicle, for example, is a good use of my time and provides me with exercise and time to think about the thing.  Clearing out a closet and vacuuming away the dust does the same thing.

I’ll also be gleaning from my pantry, shelves and closets to give to others.  The things I find that we haven’t been using or eating can surely benefit someone else.

No Spendsday Wednesdays are my tap on the shoulder to keep my eyes on the prize, limit focusing on worldly things, and get priorities straight.  That last one is something we should do daily.  Even several times per day.

It’s just a little step, not a huge leap.  Care to join me?



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