Money Makeover — Unexpected Income!

We’ve certainly had our share of unexpected expenses over the past few months.  Thank goodness for the emergency fund!  Now I have some good news: unexpected income!  Yay!

It started with an in-law offering to help us out with travel expenses.  She wore down one of us.  She was very generous; her help paid for more than one third of our travel.

Our pal at the food service company paid our refund, which we really were expecting we would never see.

I was paid for some contract work I had also resigned to never being compensated.

DH received a cash bonus at work.  They sometimes just hand out $100 bills in the middle of the week, because they’re awesome like that.

When our monthly level payment amount to Omaha Puplic Power District (OPPD) was adjusted and lowered recently (more on that later), we took an almost $650 payback check.  Thankyouverymuch!

The total of the unexpected income is $2,620.  WOWSER!  God sure works in mysterious ways.

Not actually income, but it sure helps:  DH won a random drawing at work, and today he brought home a full bag of produce from Tomāto Tomäto!  The gift included a dozen eggs (I’m so thrilled about that!), broccoli, mixed greens, tomato, green pepper, jalapenos, other peppers, huge sweet potato, a cantaloupe, and a bag of apples, all farm fresh.  Omigosh, that’s all stuff we’ll eat (except maybe the hot peppers), and much of it was on my grocery list for this week.  Saving about $10 right there.  HAPPY, HAPPY!


So it’s all working out really well.


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