Money Makeover — When Tools Fail And Set-Aside Funds

So we were on track with updating Quicken, and my keeping closer tabs on the spending.  We were doing so well using the tools we have.  We were content with being able to recover from the recent unexpected expenses.

BAM!  Out goes the server.  With our Quicken data on it.

We have a fairly new hard drive, and DH is a wizard with due diligence data backup.  That’s not the issue.  We’ve successfully come back from worse crashes, actually.  I’m not sure what the suspect part is, but it has something to do with a mother of a board.  (And, oh, what a mother!)

There were issues in August with not being able to connect to or reboot the shared drive, so I figured this was probably coming.  Thank goodness I’d budgeted a little every month this year for computer whatnot, which never got used, except for ink.  We could handle it.

Instead of playing the piecemeal game, we decided to get a whole new tower, with new hard drive, motherboard, processors, memory, etc., and warranty.  The current Frankenputer is just no longer salvageable, not even for parts, probably, and certainly not the 1980s monitor.  And even though it was an emergency (really truly, because we can’t do Quicken, or backup our data, or have #2 print his homework), DH was able to find a really good deal online!  That almost never happens.

How thankful are we to have set-aside funds for the computer!?  Very thankful!  DH purchased it online for delivery to Best Buy for pick up in a couple of days.  He charged it to a credit card with a favorable billing cycle so we won’t have to actually pay for at least 40 days, and used his BB rewards card so he’ll rack up big points for this purchase.  We did a little footwork, but could not find the machine we needed locally.

Sure, I can pay the bills and enter the transactions later.  But that’s what we were doing before, and that’s why we got behind.  That’s why we didn’t know how close we were to the budget limits near the end of the month.  And one of us enters/scans receipts, then synchs up, rather than keying in, so that’s just waiting to happen, and won’t get recorded any other way.  *sigh*  We aren’t so new school that we can’t do old school….. are we?

Well, hopefully it will be only a few days until the computer arrives, is up and running, and we have access to the tools again.  My little jar of receipts, and my drawer of paid bills to file are doing their jobs in the meantime.  Still, it would be nice to not fall out of the habit recently re-established.

Good grief.  It’s always something trying to keep us from moving forward.  It has no real power here, though.  We’ll make it, and we’ll save even more before the year/month/week is out.


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