Unleashing The Flying Monkeys

Well, I have unleashed the flying monkeys.

Recently, I wrote this:

“We did make a deposit on some services, which we cancelled, but not before that check was cashed.  So we’re in the process of requesting it back.  For budget purposes, it was recategorized under miscellaneous after the cancellation.  If we don’t get it back, we’ve learned our lesson, and have still come in under budget.

But let’s hope I don’t have to unleash the flying monkeys, because I could very easily do so.”

You know, when there’s a tool at your disposal for recovering funds from an unscrupulous business, it just makes sense to use it.  I contacted the business and gave them plenty of opportunity to make good.  The head honcho said he would take care of it and didn’t.  So after fair warning we filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Good people, the BBB.  I’ve used their information for years to help make business decisions.  We’re now waiting the obligatory 14 days for the business to respond to our specific request for the return of our deposit.  We’ll go from there.  And once this is resolved, I’ll share the whole story.

I would encourage any of you who need resolution on a business matter, to contact the BBB to see if there is anything they can do in your particular case.  They can intervene on your behalf to recover funds, get work completed or brought to standard, and provide mediation in disputes.

But I really hope you never have to go to them for resolution.  I hope all your business ventures are positive and productive.



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