Home Repairs: The Contractors

I promised to tell you about the contractors I used on recent home projects.  It’s been a revolving door of workers here at Chez CT, and more will be here before summer.

Our siding replacement was done by Done Right Home Improvements.  I have a neighbor in commercial construction who stopped by and admired the work.  That’s huge. I still wish it had been scheduled for later in May, instead of late March, but it was actually a blessing to have the distraction during a week when something else was happening.  The siding project kept my mind off the other issue (totally out of my control, but major) most of the time.  I’ve already recommended Done Right to a neighbor who asked who did the work.  Reasonable cost.  Super nice contractor (Jared) who went above and beyond to fix a nagging issue.

The painting of the new siding was done by Omaha Painting Company.  Beautiful.  Awesome price. Done in one day.  Troy and his on-site guys were really easy to work with.

The mudjacking of the front steps was done by Mixan Mudjacking out of Springfield.  I would have gone with the (very intriguing) high-tech product of the other “basementy” guys, but they have a minimum dollar job cost to do the work, and I needed one thing done, not several projects.  (A for effort on the upsell, though.)  The Mixan mudjacking process was so cool to watch!  It didn’t make a mess, and it took about an hour.  The Mixan guys were fun and informative, too.  Next time I’ll have them do the filling of the gaps that remain after the jacking, because my arthritis was not kind.  (Look for a post on that fun project soon.)

And there were the mice.  I think we’ve finally addressed the mice.  Brad at Advanced Pest Management is awesome.  Has been since the day I called him in tears about the flying ants infesting my bathroom.  The mice are not so awesome.  Disgusting, actually.  We’ve found a few areas where they were likely coming in, nesting, and dying.  Last week I cleaned them up (Shop Vac has been properly disinfected), caulked, Great Stuff-ed, sealed, etc.  And tonight we set the traps, because every once in a while we find another one.  Anyway, Brad comes out twice a year and we see very few bugs, usually when it’s time for another spraying.

USA Hoich Irrigation got our sprinklers started, and this year there were only two broken sprinkler heads.  The guy came right on time, and was done in an hour, repairs, startup and all.  Only thing is, someone has to be here because the controller is in the garage.  Still, the timing worked out great, and we’re set for summer.

So there you go.  Lisa’s List.  HA!  I’m having a chimney cleaner come out soon, and I think there will be repairs involved.  We’ve used one company a few times, so we’ll see how it goes again.

Just a reminder: get your AC check up before it gets too hot outside.  I’m setting up that appointment, too.


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