Paying for The Siding: Snagglefritz

Ugh!  I had it all budgeted out.  Tax refunds (as minor as they were) + expected additional income + funds transfer from savings = payment for the siding to be done in late May.

Weeeeelllll, as I already shared, they did it last week.  And it looks beautiful.  And it’s done.  And the guy said he’s not going to push for immediate payment.  Still, I feel like I must pay immediately, because I want no debt looming. And that was the plan.  But while the tax refunds have arrived (can you believe ONE week?), the additional income payment has not, and the process of transferring funds electronically has been delayed for some ridiculous reason, and could take another 10 days, I’m told.

So, my plan is a Snagglefritz.  Yes, that’s a word.  I just made it up.  An issue snagged up, on the fritz, bungled.

I don’t like this feeling of besnagglement.  Of course I know it will all work out.  Yes, I know it was a blessing to have the mess of the siding work take my mind off of other matters that particular week.  I still don’t like this feeling.

To use a pantry analogy, it’s like all the cans were lined up on the shelves by intended use for each meal, use-by date, and food type.  Then someone came in and moved them all around from shelf to shelf to get to the back of the shelves and bring those items up front, on other shelves.  To put things back in order, make sure items don’t get overlooked or expire, and set up the meal use system again, a bunch of work is needed, and the pantry won’t be easy to use till that work is done.  And, of course, I am the one to do that work.  I guess if it’s not MY plan, it’s His, right?

Now I’m scrambling to rework our spending plan, pay the contractors, and keep a safety net in the now-upset cash flow.  The contractors are going to get paid as soon as possible.  I just need to silent scream for a moment.

Okay, thanks.  😉





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