Money Makeover Snag — The Furnace

First of all, we’ve been under budget for two months!  (Happy Snoopy dance music here.)

It was too cold to go out much, and I decided on fondue at home instead of a budgeted dinner out.  I made do with a lot of things around the house.  And the more I read about this topic, the less I wanted to spend.  Overall, it was a slow and deliberate month.  The excess funds, along with a little carryover from December, were just the extra I was hoping for. I was planning on sending a chunk to our emergency fund in addition to our regularly scheduled transfer.

That’s when the squeaking in the furnace turned to shrieking and all sorts of other noises.  I’m not kidding, it would start in the morning when the blower kicked in, and get louder throughout the day.  It was no longer an intermittent noise — it was intermittent silence amid noise.

The other day I knew I needed to call, but there was one thing after another, and I didn’t get to it.  This morning my back teeth hurt from the noise, so I made the call.  The company I use (Burton Heating & Air) had a team of technicians here within an hour.  Not kidding!  I’m glad I called, too.

The CO exchange unit motor was nearly shot.  When it goes out,  And, because the motor was going out, the ignition switch was pretty worn, too.  Just kick me in the gut!  The technicians presented me with several (six, count ’em, six) options, and DH happened to walk in the door for lunch during their presentation.  We made our decision, and with our service plan discount and another miscellaneous discount, the bill came to $825.  They were back with the parts, finished and gone in another hour and a half.

Guess what!  I had more than we needed and did not become physically ill while writing the check!  It was on its way to our emergency fund, anyway, and the emergency fund is for exactly this kind of situation. And boy, is it quiet. God does provide!

Now, I wouldn’t want to do this every month.  Because that would be stupid.  And just too stressful.  But it happened, and we’re good with the outcome.  What a great feeling.

So, while I’m still sitting on extra cash for our emergency fund, our bad luck comes in threes.  Whatever is coming, we’ll get through it.  We’re prepared financially.

I was also able to send a check to Project Hope this month.  Next month, I plan to send a similar check to another organization we support.  It sure feels great to be able to give like this!

Bottom line:  Life is good, and we’re not suffering in our efforts to adjust our finances.  Our emergency was thwarted and we had enough to cover the cost. We have enough to gladly share with others!



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