How Do I Love Thee Frugally?

Many of you know that February 14th marks not only St. Valentine’s Day, but also our wedding anniversary!  There were a few reasons we chose that day.  And while we love to love it, we find ourselves staying home rather than going out to celebrate.

With the budget squeaky tight this year, I wanted to make this a special night at home, a real celebration without breaking the bank.  DH has been working very hard, sometimes missing family dinners, and I miss cooking for him.  We deserve a teeny break from the austere.  So a fancy evening, without a fancy price, would be nice.  I think I’ve succeeded.  Here’s the plan (and I’m not spoiling anything for DH).

The MealWe love a good steak.  I was hoping to catch a deal a week or two ahead of time, keep it in the freezer, and have budget-sized portions for our dinner.  Imagine my Thrill when I found these:

Can’t beat the price of these luscious steaks.

Beautiful ribeyes for about .75 each!  I know it was a mistake, and the others were marked 9.99/#.  But, I presented them at the register, and they rang up like this, and the cashier saw it.  These will be such a treat for us!  And the leftovers (because I’m not eating 3/4# of beef in one sitting) will not go to waste.  Sides will include the frugal potato, gussied up as Hasselbacks, and crisp Romaine salads.

And we love a good dessert.  Especially when I don’t have to make it. The other day, for another occasion, I bought a Bundlet at Nothing Bundt Cakes.  I had a BOGO free coupon from the Saving Sidekick coupon book dutifully purchased for a fundraiser last year.  How lovely that we will be able to share this:

Only a bite….or two.

This is massive, folks.  A decadent 3.5″ wide, 3.5″ high mound of red velvety awesomeness.  It is certainly enough for two to share.  And being free just makes it sweeter.

The Wine — DH is drinking reds these days.  For Christmas, I gave him a case of various reds from Wine Insiders.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.  I don’t know which one he’ll select for himself.  I may well skip the wine, or just have a sip to celebrate.

The Table — Now this will be a surprise, so no picture just yet.  I purchased a red satin window panel at the thrift store recently for .99, washed it, and hemmed it into a square.  Layered over that will be a white tablecloth we used at our wedding reception.  Special plates, also purchased at the thrift store specifically for this occasion, and genuine antiques.

I’m always blessed with flowers.  The other night DH brought home roses.  He likes to avoid the last-minute rush and price hikes.  I know where he gets them, and bless his frugal heart, he done good!  These are very similar to the roses we had at our wedding.


The Ambience — DH always selects great background music for our celebrations.  We have a nice CD collection already, so we could use what we have.  Maybe we’ll play one of the cable music channels for a little variety.  Candles, soft lighting, etc.  Maybe we’ll even dance!

Part of the secret to making this a relaxing evening, is preparing as much ahead of time as possible.  (And cleaning up all but the last-minute dishes so no one has to be in there scrubbing.) No cost for that.

I’m pretty happy with the plan!  It’ll be just us two, as #2 has decided to spend his day and evening gaming elsewhere.

EDIT 2/16/15 — Didn’t get a full pic of the table, but here are the plates. Those are votive candle holders, not wine glasses.


What are your frugal, but not “cheap,” Valentine’s Day plans?




4 thoughts on “How Do I Love Thee Frugally?

  1. Great plan. Hope you had an awesomely wonderful and frugal anniversary and Valentines Day! Can’t wait for a picture of the table setting.


    • Well, sorry, don’t hold your breath. I…umm…forgot. We were hungry, what can I say? And the fleurs are past their peak, so recreating seems futile. But, here are the plates, added to the bottom of the post.


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