Unexpected Money — Yes, Please!

There usually aren’t any significant surprises on our credit card bills.  We use them mostly for gas, an occasional big purchase, and things for which we want the backing of the card company.  Our accounts are paid in full every month.  We try to keep current with Quicken entries.

(Money Makeover aficionados are likely spitting out their morning coffee, I suppose.  But this works for us, and we do not carry long term balances on our accounts.)

About a year ago, we learned that DH’s credit card was offering a credit of 5% of the first $150 of gas purchases each month.  Nice, we’d see what would happen.  The promotion ended with the last billing cycle, and they applied a credit to the account.  It’s enough for three tanks’ worth of gas!

The running total showed at the bottom of each statement, but since the credit didn’t apply, I paid it no mind.  It was to be a bonus, a sort of surprise at this time of year.  We like good surprises at this time of year.  DH didn’t do anything out of the ordinary.  He just filled up as he normally would.  Now, some of those months, he filled up the old gas-guzzling Durango, some of them the high MPG Saturn, and some the Toyota that replaced the Durango.

The credit was, indeed, a welcome surprise!  It will get credited to the proper Quicken account, and we will be under budget by quite a bit this month.  And that’s always good.

What good surprises have you found in your bills lately?



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