The Value of Black Pants

I’ve lost 12 pounds since Thanksgiving.  Twelve!  It needed to be done, and still needs to be done.  I’m on a journey here to a healthier, happier me.

So I purged my closet again, to get the ill-fitting stuff just OUT of there.  A few things fit comfortably and looked nice enough to keep.Three things got set aside for altering, and the rest got put in a pile for the thrift store, or listed on eBay.  My favorite pair of versatile black pants, now two sizes too big, sold within six hours.  Goodbye, dear friend.  You were always there when I needed you. Those black pants were worn with blazers for work, fancy blouses for work parties, soft sweaters for date night, and casual tops for day outings. Truly the go-to workhorse of my closet.

I suddenly had no black pants.  But with our financial goals super tight budget, a new wardrobe is not in the plan, especially since I’m still losing weight.  You know me….off to the thrift store!

Do you know how many pairs of pants hang on the racks at Goodwill?  A gazillion, at least.  Among them, a pair of black pants of the same brand and style as my favorite former bestie!  In my current size!  I held my breath and prayed for a red tag (the .99 color of the week).  And we have a winner!  God is good!

It is not trivial to find an excellent pair of well-fitting black pants.  Such a pair is versatile, comfortable, flattering, and esteem-boosting.  I will wear these often, with 70% of my tops, in all four seasons (as long as they fit).  And I simply cannot beat the price.  I can confidently say I will wear them at least once a week, probably more, which will bring the cost per wear down to about two cents if I stay on my weight loss schedule.

I feel so much better knowing that this item is available when I need it.  It empowers me, really.  That’s something money can’t buy.

What empowers you?  It doesn’t have to be a tangible item, of course!  But it shouldn’t be an expensive item, either, or it really doesn’t empower you.


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