“Eat Well on $4/Day” — SNAP Cooking

Whilst randomly (okay, not really randomly) surfing the Interwebz, I found this FREE PDF publication, and just had to share it.  Eat Well on $4/Day: Good and Cheap by Leanne Brown. This latest version was published in August 2014.  Hooray for this publication!

Recall, dear readers, the hoo-ha over the two state senators who said they didn’t think anyone could live on a SNAP stipend.  So many Nebraska frugal bloggers pshaw-ed over this, and the collective aspiration deflated these guys.  Many of us in the blogosphere at that time were touting low daily and weekly totals for feeding our families.  You can find a gazillion old posts on Cheap Thrills to that topic ($25/Week dinner menus, for example).  But shortly after that, Leanne Brown did research and recipe development on this very subject for her masters program at New York University. That resulted in this cookbook and eventually a program to put these and more recipes in the hands of those who need them.  For those who couldn’t access the online version, a Kickstarter program provided funds for printed copies.

Brown’s information includes what CT has been preaching for years: use versatile ingredients, build a pantry, plan weekly, eat seasonally, cut down on meat, and use your freezer (among other great tips).  Preach it, sister! 

The recipes in this cookbook are tasty, easy to prepare, and nutritionally packed.  TRIFECTA!  And her instructions are geared to helping folks learn to cook: “Mix up the dressing and taste it. Adjust the salt, pepper, and lime to your liking.”  This might be unnecessary to many of us, but honestly, there are so many people who do not know to do this. Really. And the conversational, friendly writing style is helpful.

One of my favorite things about this cookbook for the audience it addresses, is the information on how to use leftovers.  Having worked with recipients at Project Hope, I’ve heard many comments about certain ingredients, and how to use the uneaten, that I know for certain this is needed information.  And so many young families find themselves in need of these services lately; they usually don’t know how to cook frugally or creatively use the leftover ingredients.

Brown probably didn’t know where this project would lead.  But I hope you will purchase this through the Kickstarter program.  Or download and print this, and pass it along to someone who could use it.  Maybe include a few food items, huh?

At this time of year, look for seasonal deals on baking items, butter, root vegetables, and canned vegetables.  Shortly after Christmas, be on the lookout for low sale prices on hams, turkeys, whole chickens  (there’s a great recipe for cooking a whole chicken in the cookbook), and frozen items.

Have a blessed and merry Christmas season!


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