The Beautiful Pizza Cake

I’ve been steering clear of processed foods lately.  Recently, due to an extended bout with tummy trouble, I took 10 days off from wheat, grains except brown rice, sugar, caffiene (yes, even my beloved coffee) and dairy.  It was totally doable!  What it revealed to me is the effect of those foods on my body.  Not allergies, really, but sensitivities.  Especially the sugar.  Which means very, very limited chocolate from here on out.

I know.  Let’s have a moment of silence.

Okay, then.  I found reference to the Pizza Cake on the Facebook recently. Here’s a link to the recipe on the Pillsbury site.  Omigosh, beautiful!  My son (an adult now, away in the Army) could barely contain himself.  And it’s super simple.  Even if it uses highly processed foods, including wheat, dairy and pork product.

This dish uses the roll pizza dough in a can, prepared pizza/pasta sauce, cheese glorious cheese, and pepperoni.  I’m sure you could use non-can dough (Trader Joe’s has awesome fresh pizza dough in the meat section, in three varieties).  It just wouldn’t be so easy.  You could mix it up with your favorite sauce (maybe even garlic herb), and turkey Italian sausage instead of pepperoni.  The cheese varieties are also interchangeable (we’ve developed an affinity for provolone).

Coupons?  Yup, they’re out there.  I can provide limited links these days, but here’s one for Pillsbury (you have to sign up). And one for The Frugal Find coupon database I use often.  (No affiliate links.)

This dish will definitely make an appearance on my table when Army Man returns for a visit (which will hopefully be soon, but who knows).  Maybe two versions, even.  I can make do, and with a salad (for me, anyway), it’ll be a fine meal.



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