Savings Catcher Caught Me Something!

It’s no secret that WallyWorld is not my favorite place.  I have occasionally given it another shot, here and there, when I need something I know for sure they have for less.  Still, not on my regular stops lately.

Some recent experiences at Target have run afoul with my sensibilities, though, and I’ve not gone there, either, in a long time.  I did try Cartwheel, which saved me .83.  Woo.

So when all the hubbub about the Walmart Savings Catcher hit the fan, I paid no mind. In a nutshell, you sign up at for Savings Catcher, and the site does local price matching for you!  You receive savings in the form of a WM or Bluebird gift card.

Meh. Not for me, I said. And yet, I found myself at WallyWorld last week, looking for neutral/clear shoe polish and H&B items.  I found some great clearance items, too.  Anyway, at the checkout I learned that the Savings Catcher is something that works after your purchase, and that I could do it when I got home.  Which, for me, is a bonus.  I don’t always have every price match, and if they’re going to do the work, I’ll take them up on it.

I figured there was nothing in my purchases (mostly store brands and clearance) for which price matching savings could be found.  But I signed up through my smartypants phone, scanned in my receipt, and waited.  I’d heard that some folks have waited longer than a week for their savings.  I’d heard that some folks didn’t get the savings they expected.  I expected nothing.

Lo, and behold!  This morning (four days later, and there was a weekend in there) I got an email stating I’d earned 1.93!  I had no idea Menard’s had my deodorant on sale.  Hey, 1.93 is 24% of the price that item!  Yessirree, I will take that savings, thankyouverymuch!

Do I prefer the immediate cash savings of price matching?  You bet!  Why spend it and get reimbursed if I can just not spend it in the first place?  But when I head to WalMart for something, it’s usually because I haven’t had time to PM that particular item, and I need. it. now.  Being  able to scan in the receipt and get a couple bucks in unexpected savings is awesome.

I don’t think Savings Catcher will replace my own due diligence with price matching.  And I’ll still probably go to my favorite grocery store that PMs store brands, vegs and meats.  If you shop at WallyWorld regularly, and even if you PM there, this might be a good practice to catch the deals that you didn’t know were there.

I’m going to wait till I’ve accumulated a larger balance before requesting my gift card.  It won’t add up quickly, I’m sure.

Does anyone have experience using Savings Catcher at the Neighborhood Markets?  Does it work?  Please share your experience.


4 thoughts on “Savings Catcher Caught Me Something!

  1. I actually just wrote a post on this too! Overall I love the app! It’s a great opportunity to have someone double check your work. When it says I missed things I look to see where they were to get a better grasp of which ads I should be checking. When it comes back saying I didn’t miss anything I get a little excited because it means I found all the best deals. The only thing I don’t like is that I am unable to figure out how to use my eGift Card in the store and the employee at the register didn’t know how either.


    • Hi, Lee Ann! Bag N Save/No Frills PMs these! In Local Grocery Basics on this blog, you can read about it, and click to their coupon policy (as fresh as that was a few months ago). Now, they don’t PM Aldi produce, but other than that, I have not had any issues with their policy. LOVE! HTH!


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