Morgan Freeman Provides a Cheap Thrill

I really, really dislike flying.  Especially lately, with airline carry-on policies, tiered boarding order, and ….. well, let’s leave all that negative baggage behind.

Recently, I flew to Birmingham, Alabama to stay with friends and take a day trip to Ft. Benning, Georgia to visit my son.  It’s relatively inexpensive to fly to Birmingham, and my friends (always gracious and generous) offered to drive to the base (2.5 hours away) with me.  It was wonderful to see and hug my son, whom I hadn’t seen since January 4.  He’s awaiting orders now for the next phase of Army life.  Another story.

Our day back in Birmingham included a visit to “What’s on 2nd,” a vintage resale shop. Definitely a Thrill, definitely not Cheap!  Very “collector” prices.  I was so enjoying the old items, until I realized, “Hey, these old items are from my own childhood!”  Ugh.  A wake-up call for sure.  I hope I’ve held up as well as the Raggedy Ann behind the glass case.

My flight out was at ungodly hour, but my awesome friends were up and carted me to the airport in plenty of time, despite the late ending of the Husker game (which they accommodated on their gargantuan TV), and specialty margaritas at “El Barrio”, and locally-brewed beer at “Avondale Brewing Co.”  Bleary-eyed and coffee-less, I made my way to the security checkpoint, and was surprised by something vaguely familiar.

“Ladies and gentlemen! In the interest of air safety, and your own personal safety, please do not leave luggage unattended….”  Same ole same ole TSA announcement.

Except that this voice was Morgan Freeman!

This was one of the most awesome surprises of all my travels ever!  We love Morgan Freeman’s acting and that distinctive voice.  How cool was that?!  Wait.  Was it just too early on a Sunday morning for me to think straight?  Nope!  There he was again.

I must say that made my trip even better.  Another nice Southern hospitality detail to cap off the visit.  If you make it to the Birmingham airport, listen for Mr. Freeman.  It’ll give you a Cheap Thrill, and put a smile on our face, I promise.

(Actually, I was playing with an app and recorded the announcement by coincidence.  I hope to convert the 3gp file to mp3 soon and post it here.  It must be done. You’ll know when you hear it.)


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