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Reader Jen sent this email about

I am actually really liking this!
You may have to play with Grade level – D. completed Algebra, is starting Geometry, tests just fine, but we are doing Grade 8 for her. P. is flying through 2nd grade assignments.
Some presentations are not easy for me to understand – common core????
You can set up Rewards after a given # of assignments. I did things like ice cream cone, Redbox movies/games, mostly little stuff every 4-5 completed & we have a few pizza & taco nights & then Dave & Busters for the end of it all.

There you have it, folks:  unsolicited recommendation from someone I personally know only wants the best for her kids!  Why even think about spending $2,500 just for testing at a fancy tutoring business?  There are so many workable solutions online, doable in the privacy of your own home on your own schedule, and Fah-REE!

Thanks, Jen!


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