Yes, I know….

You’ve missed me.  I’ve missed you.  Life has kept me, mmmmm, “occupied.”  And honestly, the deals kind of dried up until recently.

Where are the double coupons?  Where are the awesome stacks?  It’s that time between holiday deals and fresh springtime produce.  Add to that the unrelenting pounding of sub-zero temps and above-average winds, and you have Omaha’s winter of 2014.

Can we get a break?  I once half-jokingly asked, “Who can I talk to about this weather?” to which my 5-year-old replied, “God.”  Okay, then, we’ve done something right.  But I digress.

The weekly grocery deal thing?  It’s not working for me.  I tried, but couldn’t make it work on a weekly basis.  Part of it is that delivery of my weekly ads is sporadic.  (And the online ads are not conducive to how I function.)  Sometimes they come on Tuesday evening (once on a Monday!), and sometimes on Wednesday late evening (once on a Thursday!), which doesn’t leave me a lot of time to peruse the deals and write it up before I have to do my own shopping.  Finding the coupons to match just isn’t working for me when I don’t live for the blog anymore.  And honestly, we’re eating less and less processed foods, so my radar isn’t up on many of the “deals.”

I hope to find and publish some great seasonal deals around Omaha this year.  Whether you’re new to the area, or just want to find new things around town, discounts and freebies are important.  Also, more reviews are in my plans.  Since we’re getting out and about more, I want to share my experiences with you.

We escaped last week to Orlando.  Stayed at a Disney resort for the first time, did three Disney parks, did Universal, and spent two full days in-transit. But getting away from the brutal weather was quite necessary.  Vital, in fact.  We were blessed to be able to get away on spring break.  High school for #2 starts in August, and this was the best time to go.  #1 could not be with us, sadly.  Anyway, I have some reports that may help you on your first or next trip there.

So look for more “stuff” here, just not the grocery deals, unless it’s a fabulous find that I have no excuse not to share.



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