Product Review: Williams-Sonoma, Columbiana Mall, Columbia, SC

Those who know me know that I love to cook, and that I love kitchenware.  I could live in Williams-Sonoma, Sur La Table, or a Revere Ware outlet.  I’m not opposed to purchasing quality items that will last a good long time.

In late October, I was in Columbia, SC and stopped in at the Williams-Sonoma at Columbiana Mall.  Here’s what I experienced.

My son had graduated Army basic training that morning, and he and his buddy were in dress uniform (along with other new soldiers in the mall — apparently that’s the place to go when you’re allowed to go off base), while I was nicely dressed (leather shoes, skirt, Talbot’s sweater, Lia Sophia necklace).  The guys took a break, and I headed into the Williams-Sonoma store to see if I could purchase a piece of Le Cruset cookware (and have it sent).

Now, Le Cruset is good stuff.  Spendy stuff.  “I know what I want” stuff.  It’s not like I was looking for a rubber spatula at WalMart.

As I entered the store, a clerk approached from the center of the store, and — I kid you not — looked me up and down, lost his smile, stopped, turned, and asked two other ladies if he could assist them!  The other ladies said no, so he turned around the other way and headed back to the center of the store.  Oh, I was less than pleased!

But, I really wanted to see if they had the piece I was looking for.  I meandered through the store, under the not-so-stealthy watchful eye of this portly male clerk, and finally found Le Cruset.  Just for yucks, I stayed in the Le Cruset section five minutes to see if anyone wanted a high dollar sale.  ~Crickets~  I noticed two employees in the center of the store, and neither came to help.  So I walked to the center front (where I was “assessed” earlier), waited another 30 seconds, then finally, loudly said, “I guess no one here wants my business.”

With that, I turned and calmly left.  I did check a mirror, just to be sure I didn’t have a stain or dirt on me.  Their loss.

I debated telling W-S corporate people.  But in the end, I figured word of mouth was more powerful than emailing air.  I’ll visit the W-S locally, but I’m never, ever, ever getting back together with the one in Columbiana Mall!


2 thoughts on “Product Review: Williams-Sonoma, Columbiana Mall, Columbia, SC

    • Yes, Dawn. Now my opinion of W-S is tainted, and they insulted the wrong gal. “I have a blog, and I’m not afraid to use it!”


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