Thrifty Last Week (12/1/13)

The season of Advent is upon us.  Anticipation, hope, waiting, excitement!  For us, that doesn’t mean getting caught up in the spirit of shopping.  Rather, it means getting caught up in the spirit of togetherness and sharing, and being focused on the end game:  Christmas.

To help meet the financial obligations of this world, we’re doing everything we can to save.  Not like paupers, but with the mindset of looking toward the future.  The bills will come.  I’ve been putting away what I don’t spend on groceries and incidentals to help with imminent bills.  Still putting things back on the shelf that we just don’t need.  And in the process I’m refining “needs v. wants” thinking.  Scary how that slips into reverse without our realizing it.

Here are some additional, new things we intentionally did this week to save:

  • Stayed home on the Friday after Thanksgiving!  And the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  We felt no need to buy, buy, buy.
  • Planned for freezing and eating Thanksgiving dinner leftovers. To that end, I planned simple dishes that we love, anyway, and which could be used as ingredients in other recipes later.  Yum!
  • Made a very rich turkey stock this year, which turned out better than in previous years.
  • Enjoyed a Netflix movie and fireplace after Thanksgiving dinner.  Last of the good old wood.
  • Pulled out the rest of our Christmas decorations, without buying more.
  • Got a pair of unworn Anne Klein shoes at GW for a dressy party later this month.  They feel great, and make my legs look great, and the price was great.  Great!
  • Downloaded some free apps to my smartphone that are making life even easier.  (I now understand how some people get addicted to their communication devices.)
  • Discovered a partial phone reimbursement through DH’s workplace (which is why he got the smartphone in the first place).  $50/month saved.
  • Downloaded some free apps to my eBay account that are making my biz more understandable and manageable.
  • Figured out some details on eBay that will save me money in the long run.
  • Did freezer and pantry inventories, planned dinner menus, and started planning bigger meals for two weeks when DS#1 is home at Christmastime.  This includes freezer meals.
  • Turned the 3-way bulbs in the living room to the lowest setting except when using Quicken and reading.  Seriously, if I can’t see the numbers, I will mess up.  Again.
  • When the cold winds came barreling through, closed the thermal drapes on the north and west windows to prevent drafts.

Life is good.  Saving is steady.  Having a variety of income streams is so very helpful (and, bonus: I feel more in charge in this area than I ever have).  Planning holiday get-togethers with friends and family warms my heart and makes the hope of Advent more real for me.

Right now we’re doing what we can, and what we have to do, to make the finances work.  Every penny counts, and I’m counting every penny!

Sorry, I forgot to post this Sunday.  And Monday.


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