The Grinch Stopped Here

Take a look at what The Grinch did to our outside Christmas lights!

I’m so sad.  These were nice, low-lumen LED strands along our side fence (which is the main street into the subdivision).  Three of five strands were sliced in several places.  Two strands were left alone.


It’s not like they were too bright for the neighbors across that street (who I wouldn’t think would do this).  Or any neighbors.  Especially when you look at the lights right across from these, which are beautiful, plentiful, bright and blinky.

I will be putting up more in their place.  Of course, tomorrow should see snow and sleet, but hey, they’ll go up soon.

So, Mr. GriiiINCH!  Get a heart.  Get a life.  And get a clue.


2 thoughts on “The Grinch Stopped Here

  1. Lisa, that’s so sad! Some people really need to find a hobby (or job!). Seems they have too much time on their hands. Perhaps they could do some volunteer work instead, huh?


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