Smarty Pants Phones

It was bound to happen.

We got smartphones.  They’re early Christmas gifts for DH and me, and a really good deal with up to 15 days to price match.

These things are great!  I’ve already downloaded some apps that are making life much easier when I’m out and about.  I can be in pickup line for the school when I need to be, and not waste time.  I can keep on top of my eBay biz, and the “smarty pants phone” saved me from making a few mistakes while procuring inventory yesterday.  And I didn’t miss a chat with #1 last evening, which I otherwise would have.  Yup, pretty great gizmo.

We settled on the LG G2 phone, because of its speed, mostly.  DH said it was faster; I took his word on that.  Compared side by side to the Samsung Galaxy 4, the LG display was just a bit bigger and clearer (necessary for these old eyes).  And on sale for $49.99 each at Best Buy, with the associates doing all the number transfers, setup and whatnot, well, we got them now rather than during the holiday rush.

Unfortunately, the white one I wanted to distinguish from DH’s, was out of stock.  No worries — I got a silicone “trauma cover” (my term) off eBay ($8.95 and free shipping), which will also make it easier to hold.  It’s black with… trim!  No mistaking which is mine.  Should be here by the weekend.

I would definitely recommend the protective screen film, and have it put on by the associate, like we did.  I can already see yuck on mine, and I’ve only had it three days.  So happy the device itself is protected!  But having the high impact cover will put my mind even more at ease.

I polled various friends and acquaintances about service providers.  We settled on Verizon.  After my insanely bad experiences with Tfone, I wanted reliable service and customer service reps who are allowed to use their intelligent brains.  My first experience was amazingly positive, and not due to their error — they actually called me proactively.  I got a phone survey on that call, and gave all top marks — first time ever for phone service.

So welcome me to the 21st century! 🙂  I’ll take your calls in the order in which they are received.  Same with emails, messages, and chats.  But I’m still not glued to your Facebook status.


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