25% More From Your Coffee

A while back, while doing my monthly coffee pot cleaning, I actually read the manual.  (I know!)  I discovered the meaning of the button labeled “strong,” and our lives have changed in a good way.

We use a Black & Decker programmable coffee maker, which we enjoy.  Now, this “strong” button makes the coffee brew at a slower rate, extracting more cafe goodness into the pot.  Thing is, we don’t care for dark or strong coffee here.  Regular ole regular for us, thanks, and breakfast blend or milder, too, please.  What would I use this for?

{Insert harps and chimes here.}  What would happen, I wondered, if I used less of the coffee, the same amount of water, and hit “strong?”

Awesomeness, that’s what!

After playing with a couple pots of brew, we have found that we get the same elixir of life that we need using 25% less coffee and this lovely feature.  I will take that any day!

What tricks do you use to make your morning better and easier?


Share your thoughts, ideas and comments!

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