Thrifty Last Week (10/20/13)

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”  I’m cleaning out clutter, can you tell?  An interesting phenomenon has arisen, which at first baffled me.  But now I get it.  Every year our neighborhood holds a garage sale day, and sometimes we participate.  For at least four years now, the boys have tried to sell some of their old, very expensive and good quality, toys, drastically reducing prices from year to year.  They still sat in plastic bins in the basement “garage sale area.”  Until a few weeks ago, when they went up on eBay.  It’s all about the buyer’s market; these things are selling at good prices.

Some vintage collectibles (that were turned down by other family members years ago) are also up for auction.  So far they’ve profited (after shipping) $43, after just four days, with another $70-80 probable.  More importantly, the clutter and stuff are leaving the building!  This clear, airy feeling is so welcome.  I’m doing the fall closet clean out, as well, but not as quickly as the GS things.

Here are some additional, new things we intentionally did this week to save:

  • Spent just over $60 for groceries this week, which included meats for the freezer and some donations.
  • Enjoyed a fire in our patio fire bowl using really old firewood that hasn’t made it to campouts, and shouldn’t be inside our house.
  • Found 20% discount code for online personalized gift purchase for DS#1.
  • Refined my exercise plan to stay out of PT.  Exercise works!
  • Banked a quarterly bonus that will go toward med bills, savings and the AC unit.
  • Stepped up my effort to stay on top of Quicken.  This really makes a difference in my mindset toward saving v. spending, and prevents the ostrich effect.
  • Distributed donations from serving church treats to three different non-profit groups.  This was incredible!
  • Made a couple freezer meals.  They have already been consumed, however.
  • Bookmarked new freezer meals to make in November, to get us through the busy holiday season without incident.  And by “incident” I mean unplanned pizza purchases.
  • Made some awesome snacks for us and to share with others.  My recipes are frugal and tried-n-true.
  • Free entertainment:  volunteering at the middle school, watching and listening to the kids during passing, and reminiscing.  Some things just never change.  This was very entertaining, strangely calming, and thought provoking.
  • Figured out a way to keep one vehicle safe and running with deferred maintenance.

This week I will continue to focus on income streams in addition to thrifty ways.  But it is ultimately frugal living that will keep us on the right track to paying the sudden debt we incurred.  And after that, I’m sure I can continue the income part, because these things fit in very well with my lifestyle.

Chez CT is making the most of what is provided to us.  We are sheltered, clothed, fed, entertained, happy and healthy, every day, for which we are profoundly grateful.  Blessings appear at every turn, and we strive to be good stewards of our gifts.  Every penny counts, and I’m counting every penny!


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