Thrifty Last Week (9/29/13)

We’ve been trying money-saving ways and sticking with what’s comfortable for us, this week.  Also, while I sold $58+ on eBay, my profit margin is really small with fees and shipping.  I’ve figured out some tricks, and more recent sales = higher profit.  I’m sorting through the garage sale stash and finding high-value items that sell on eBay.

Here are some new things we intentionally did this week to save:

  • Used up the last of the fresh vegs and purchased more on sale, just enough for a week.
  • Inventoried freezers and pantries to help menu plan through the end of October.
  • Spent less than $60 for groceries.
  • Stopped PT visits.  I realize this could be controversial, but I had no choice.  I’ve been working out my shoulder on my own, and it feels pretty good, and range of motion is good, too.  Purchased a yoga ball to do the same exercises, and have other equipment that I use, too.
  • Found lawn work for #2, who is more than happy to earn his own.  With our increased efforts, he’s renewed his, too.
  • Found even more potential rental car discounts = membership discount with 25% off!
  • Accepted a gift of school bus tickets.
  • Found $5 in my jeans pocket!  🙂
  • Used Freecycle to gather shipping supplies.
  • Gleaned some apples from my friend’s tree — delicious, and completely organic!
  • Signed up to do some mystery shops and got my first assignment.

I’m gearing up for another week of thrifty adventures and Cheap Thrills.  Save, save, save!


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