Thrifty Last Week (9/22/13)

This week I was hit with a huge financial issue.  In the coming weeks I’m going to be receiving bills for medical services I thought were covered more than they are.   After paying these, I will be reviewing both my medical providers, and the medical plan I joined this year — it has to change January 1, anyway, so this may be an opportunity to completely change it without waiting till April.  But right now I have to take the insurance explanation of benefits and prepare for the coming bills.  One actually came yesterday but I need to wait till Monday to face it.

Here are some new things we intentionally did this week to save:

  • Sold two items on eBay!  My first sale was exciting to see rise in a last minute bidding war!
  • Listed a total of 9 items on eBay.
  • Went through my closets looking for more things to sell.
  • Sold the percussion kit collecting dust since May!  Craigs List.
  • Paid more attention to my driving habits to keep the average MPG as high as possible.
  • Limited driving and errands, specifically price matching and day planning.
  • Started refashioning a .99 size 3X dress into a me-size khaki skirt.
  • Mended some still-nice items of clothing.
  • Mixed up more shower cleaner and stain remover with hydrogen peroxide.
  • Saved a pineapple top to grow as a plant!
  • Got details on a huge rental car discount for travel in October to BCT graduation.
  • Turned off air conditioning two days, and enjoyed open windows.
  • Decided to drastically reduce PT visits (one per week or so) and do most workouts at home.  Also decided not to take them up on their offers for certain services.  (I was led to believe that it was a per-visit fee, not an itemized a la carte billing.)
  • Cleaned out the filter screen on the kitchen faucet.  Yes, all by myself!

I’m gearing up for another week of thrifty adventures and Cheap Thrills.  We got some savin’ to do, Lucy!

4 thoughts on “Thrifty Last Week (9/22/13)

  1. I recently went through the same thing, and started ebaying too! Meanwhile, my Insurance company said the doctor’s office should “review the codes they used”. The doctor resubmitted the bill and it was paid. So, I had saved up the money and then got to keep it. I knew something odd was afoot because the insurer paid the $$$$ outpatient hospital bill in full but didn’t cover the doctor’s bill for being the supervising physician. I was afraid to rock the boat too much since they had paid a $2000 bill already. This issue gave me compassion for those dealing with lots of medical bills… They don’t feel well and have to chase around all these different people to resolve problems.


    • Certainly does give pause, huh? Glad my bills are not in Tens of thousands. I know a good chunk of this can go on a payment plan, but it still is a minor problem for us. Interestingly, today’s sermon was about serving God v. money. Okay, I get the message! 🙂


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