2013 Menu Planning: 9/15 – 9/21/13


Last week I purchased my first Bountiful Basket.  The vegs and fruits are so fresh and look far better than most of what I find in grocery stores.  I did not get to pick what came in the basic basket, so I crossed my fingers.  There’s only one thing I have to find a use for…..hatch chiles.

My family does not care for the spicy.  So I decided to make something freezer-friendly to take to the next potluck.  I’m sorting through recipes now.  Any suggestions?

The rest of the items will definitely be used.  Cauliflower is difficult to find unblemished; this is super fresh and white.  The green beans are so tender and yummy.  Celery, green onions, an English cucumber, lettuce, mushrooms, yellow squash, pineapple, bananas, and melon.  I have much from which to choose.

Here’s what’s on our dinner menus.  All rice is brown and grains are whole.

Saturday before:  Meatloaf from the freezer, cauliflower, green beans.

Sunday:  Pizzas from frozen crusts for #2; DH and I out at an awards banquet/fundraiser.

Monday:  Grilled chicken split breasts, pork chops for the guys; salads with lettuce, mushrooms, green onions; steamed yellow squash.

Tuesday:  Brisket, cooked apples, salad with mushrooms.

Wednesday:  Ravioli lasagne (extra one for the freezer), green salads.

Thursday:  Ground chicken stir-fry with celery, green onion, peppers from the freezer, maybe a small hatch pepper, leftover cauliflower, green beans and mushrooms; brown rice.

Friday:  Leftover brisket in bbq, apple slaw, carrots

Saturday:  Oktoberfest!

These eight dinners for us will cost about 18.00, just guessing.   Hard to estimate the vegs, since the co-op price isn’t broken out by veg.  All the meats were super deals.

Goals for next week:  Use up the rest of the vegs.  Find a good recipe for the hatch chiles that will freeze well.  Find more foods with vitamin E and omega 3s to fit in our budget.

So what’s on YOUR menu?

For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday at OrgJunkie.com.


2 thoughts on “2013 Menu Planning: 9/15 – 9/21/13

    • Thanks, Kim, those look good. Thinking now about using a potato mixture to stuff the peeled whole chiles…top with red sauce, then cheese… Maybe!


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