Thrifty Last Week (9/15/13)

Thought I would journal some of our savings efforts here.  We’ve made lots of changes over the years, but here are some things we intentionally did this week to save:

  • Reviewed lower energy use on OPPD bill — reflects a drop from previous year that includes the last week or so with the new air conditioner!
  • Used the EcoBoost feature on the new washing machine — Most “cold” settings add a bit of hot water, but this feature uses only cold, not hot.
  • Used less detergent and still got clean clothes
  • Turned off lights when leaving rooms and computer at night.
  • Turned the air conditioning up two degrees, and opened doors and windows on some days to let warmer air out upstairs.
  • Used stovetop for most meals; used oven only once, on a cool day.  The quicker cooking on stovetop, the better.
  • Followed a menu plan for dinners.
  • Paid cash for groceries and purchased seasonal items and loss leaders only as needed.
  • Purchased a Bountiful Basket for the first time.  Planning menus around the vegs.
  • Started paying more attention to the average mpg feature on my new-since-spring Forester.  Immediately after filling, it registered 48 mpg!  But now it’s settled down to about 29.  Which is still good.
  • Took advantage of usher’s direction to move to better seats at STOMP!  Saved $50 for awesome seats.  She also gave me free earplugs because I forgot mine.
  • Took advantage of books and a computer game tournament for #2 at the library.
  • Listed my first item on eBay — I already have a bid!  Started photographing more items to list.  This required some research on postage, how to list for success, etc.
  • With PT’s consent and direction, reduced my PT visits and replaced some with similar workouts at home, using equipment I already have.

I’m gearing up for another week of thrifty adventures and Cheap Thrills.  Stay tuned.


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