Hide The Modem!

Last year, when we I rearranged my workstation/armoire and wireless modem situation, the guys got iThings and droid things and wanted the modem in a more central location.  That meant this corner of the family room.

Nearly unusable corner.
Nearly unusable corner.

Usually there’s a small chair there, as well, making it a cute little spot to pay bills and such.  There’s a wild duck print on the wall above.  The books were purchased at the Friends of Omaha Public Library book sale and are purely decorative.  Or are they?


What's this?!
What’s this?! (Nice ducks.)
Clever, yes?
Clever, yes?

A modem cozy!  Seriously simple and seriously effective.  The hardest part was finding a book with the right dimensions that was attractive enough to display.  It needed to cover the modem with plenty of room to spare for structure.  This one cost me $1.25, and while I usually detest damaging books in any way, this was pure (not very exciting) text, and form and function Nirvana was achieved.

I cut out the inside, much like many tutorials available on YouTube (search “book secret compartment”).  Again, measurements are key to a project like this, and you must allow for air circulation and cable egress.  I measured, and measured two more times.  Using a metal ruler and an Exacto knife with a new blade, I carefully cut out a huge corner chunk of all the pages inside to allow the book to slip over the modem nicely.  Then I used plain old Elmer’s glue and a paint brush (those old school supplies are good for years, you know), and pasted up the inside and outside edges of the pages.  It takes a long time to dry.  I did two coats.  Then I pasted the covers closed over what had become an L-shaped block, and let that dry.  This is what I got.

Form AND function!
Form AND function!

The modem does not overheat.  The minimal heat it produces goes out the back.  It sits on a stand, so it is stable, and I did consider that in the process.  The book is big enough to accommodate the stand.  The book does not interfere with the signal, which was important.

Since the table is glass and the bottom is open (there’s a return air vent under there), I had to do something with the cables.

Zip ties are my friends.
Zip ties are my friends.

If I hadn’t been able to attach them to the table leg, I would have tied them up, anyway.  I can’t stand messy cables, especially when I have to look at them all the time.

A $1.25 used book (or one from your own shelf), and leftover school supplies = awesome decluttering project!  What do you think?




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