2013 Menu Planning: 7/28-8/3/13

wklydindealsLast week we were out of town, one in Germany and three in the Rocky Mountains.  After one hotel night in Denver, we were out in the boonies.  The teeny-tiny cabin “kitchen” with one square foot of counter space posed some challenges, but we did have some fantastic meals and I was able to cook on a gas stove.  Which was incredible!  We did not have any room to bring food and I did not have my built-up food stash from which to glean, so I menu planned like mad before we left and made a thorough list.  I still spent way more than I would have here for groceries.  Ouch.  But we were able to eat dinner out just once in eight days, and that was because we were on the road really late Friday.  Here’s what we had for dinner:

Frozen meals and a salad meal from WalMart in the hotel breakfast area (they allowed us to use the microwave)
Frozen pizza cooked while we unpacked with salad for me
Pan-cooked split chicken breasts with mixed Tuscan veg and a little leftover rice from my hotel meal
Ortega tortilla soup with chunks of planned over chicken and cheese quesadillas
Steaks on the cabin office’s grill (gas, no fires), salads and corn on the cob
Soft tacos for the guys, meat with leftover vegs for me
Fast food on the way back

We froze what we could, boiled the leftover eggs, and got home with still-frozen chicken and water bottles!  Plus some peanut butter sandwiches, apples, lettuce and 3/4 gallon very cold milk.

This week’s dinners were planned a few weeks ago, for which I am very grateful.  It’s an easy week for dinners, but a hectic, interrupt-y week (if today is any indication).  Here’s what’s on our dinner menus this week.

Sunday:  Swiss chicken from the freezer (chicken $2, Swiss cheese .50, homemade cream sauce, a splash of wine, and the last handful of almonds from the freezer), brown rice (.30), green salads (.30).

Monday:  Brats (1.20), buns (.30), Uncle Bill’s Microwave Potato Chips (.30), cole slaw (.50).

Tuesday:  Herbed turkey cutlets (1.99), planned over rice (.40), salads with extra stuff (.50).

Wednesday:  Cheese & bean tortilla casserole from the freezer (about $2), rice (.40), green salads (.40).

Thursday:  Italian sausage (1.99), navy bean (.45), tomato (.25) skillet, farfalle (.78).

Friday:  Turkey pizza burgers (specialty of the house) (about $3), buns (.45), homemade oven fries (.60), canned baked beans (.25).

Saturday:  Grilled chicken breasts (.88/#), homemade corn bread (about .50), zuchinni (.99) boats (cream cheese .50, pepper jack .60).

These seven dinners for us will cost about $22.   Proud I’m keeping down the costs and using what we have.

So what’s on YOUR menu?

For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday at OrgJunkie.com.


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