2013 Menu Planning: 7/14-7/20/13

wklydindealsLife gives you lemons sometimes.  Lemonade or lemon juice, you still have to deal with the acid.

And so it has been for me recently.  This spring I had gradually increasing pain in my arm and shoulder.  Today I have been diagnosed with arthritis, with a heaping helping of adhesive capsulitis.  After the pain meds and the cortisone shot, physical therapy has been prescribed.  That means I’m going to need my sous chefs more than ever!  They’ve been prepared for this.

Of course, last weekend I planned my menus for a month, through the day #1 goes to basic training.  I’ll have to make it work, or adjust, or something.  Fortunately, I also made lots of freezer meals for this week and when we get back from Colorado, and I think that was Divine Providence.  My life with pain just got a little easier!  We’re also eating up all the produce and perishables before we leave on our trip.

Last week I found myself in a little cash crisis.  Nine days later, I’m still holding onto exactly $1.01, and I’m amazed and amused at how it played out.  Knowing we’re going to be away kept me from getting any food other than what we really needed.  Renewed in my efforts to spend so little per week, I’ve come up with some creative ideas to eat through our freezers and pantries in the coming weeks.  Here’s what’s on our dinner menus this week.

Sunday:  Lunch potluck at church.  I didn’t cook dinner.  OYO leftovers already accounted for (I wasn’t even hungry).

Monday:  Crusted fish filets (.99/2), quinoa pilaf (last of the box of organic pilaf, some leftover brown rice and veggies in the crisper).

Tuesday:  Lasagne in the freezer (leftover noodles from ends of boxes; turkey sausage .99; cheese .75), green salads (.99/head of romaine).

Wednesday:  Luau Chicken Kebobs (recipe coming soon) in the freezer, brown rice, veg TBD.

Thursday:  Chicken pot pie base in the freezer, topped with crescent roll dough (.80/can), green salads.

Friday:  Lean beef burgers (2.49/#), buns (.44), slaw (.44), chunky loaded potatoes with bacon leftover from a campout.

Saturday:  On the road (different budget).

These seven dinners for us will cost about $17.   I’m good with that!  I used a lot of bits and pieces before they went bad, and Thrilled myself with some of these dishes.

So what’s on YOUR menu?

For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday at OrgJunkie.com.

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