‘Tis the Season To Be Thrifting…

Projects for less than a buck!Folks have been spring cleaning their closets, and I am finding HUGE deals at local thrift stores.  Halogen chiffon tank for $2.  Several 100% silk vintage Vera scarves for .99 each!  What?!  Linen shirts, silk blouses, omigosh.  And can I tell you:  100% cotton Unworn, Unwashed striped Ann Taylor blouse that fits me and my summer palate perfectly, for less than $1!  (I did remove the sleeves and shorten it a little, but it’s great.)

Let’s face it: the weather has just been too unpredictable for garage sales.  Oh, they’ll start in full glory soon, I’m sure.  But I needed a fix, and discovered that thrift stores at this time of year are a wonderful place to be.  Yes, I did just clear out my own closets, thank you.

I recently scored on .99 items, and I’m going to continue my quest for highest-quality items at bargain prices.

I’m loving the scarves, with my new scarf ring that I posted about HERE.  Pics soon, perhaps.  Some of them are “definitely fall,” but one or two are “strictly summer.”  If I end up not using them, no harm, no foul, just re-donate.  They’re so easy to wash, btw.

And I’m going to be trying my hand at “refashioning,” which I’ve been reading about all over the Interwebz lately.  This is taking existing items and reworking the design, or sometimes just reusing the fabric if it’s voluminous, to create a fabulous wearable item.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  I used to do this all. the. time. when I was single (oh, don’t make me count the years).  It’s actually a blast, and gets the creativity pumping.  How wonderful to find so many ladies blogging about their projects.  I’m inspired.  So much so that I dug out my old dress form and reworked the measurements and padded it.  Yes, I did.

What have you found thrifting or garage saling lately?


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