How Much Food Can You Buy for $5?

How much of various food items can you get for $5 in different places around the world?  Our pal David Henry shared this link from (just sayin’).  No voiceover, so you can keep the audio off if that’s an issue.

It was interesting to see the vast differences put forth in this video.  Makes sense, though, that the same amount of money will get you pounds more bananas in the area where they are grown.  The beer, though, was a bit misleading.  Ask any U.S. frat boy how much beer he can get for $5, and you’ll likely be presented with more bottles of cheaper beer than what this video shows.  And yes, we can find a super-huge can of premium beer for about $5 here in Omaha, too.

Still, it just goes to show that it’s important to watch those pennies when it comes to the food we buy and the nutrition it provides.  Thoughts?


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