Chez CT Gets Some Attention

I’ve been taking care of our diets, and myself.  Check! Taking care of our home nourishes us, as well.

I already started spring cleaning by clearing out the kitchen, Freecycling a bunch of mismatches and unused gadgets and cookbooks.  I totally reorganized for more ease of use.  My closet was a huge deal.  I attempted rearranging the family room, but a sectional is difficult to move, and difficult to reposition, so it’s back where it was on freshly clean carpet.

The newly organized kitchen island gets a makeover next month with a fresh coat of free paint after a deep cleaning (inside already done).  With visitors expected in a couple of months, I will soon get through the rest of the main floor, again touching up with Howard’s Restor-A-Finish.  But with the momentum from the closet and kitchen, the rest will be a piece of cake (non-fat, non-sugar and chocolate!).

My list of home projects is substantially smaller this year, for some reason.  Maybe I addressed all the big stuff already.  Let’s go with that, shall we, even though I know a window must be replaced this spring.  What made the list so far:

  • the kitchen island: paint and stain technique (free paint and leftover stain)
  • a new coat of paint in the front hallway (self-leveling from Sherwin Williams, on sale with coupon)
  • a fresh once-over coat of paint (leftover) on the back hallway wall where coats and backpacks are hung
  • a coat of Insuladd infused primer (remainder) on the basement walls, possibly followed by extra paint
  • scrub carpets (Bissell is mine, and several containers of shampoo are still left)
  • patio container garden and pots in front (soil purchased, free compost, seeds purchased)

We have a few other gardening items to address this spring, as well.  We lost a tree in the backyard last fall, and need a replacement.  The crabapple gets a professional haircut this spring, and two small tree stumps get ground.  We’ve also been talking for a few years about re-bordering the flower beds around the property.  The beds look great on the landscape plan, but make it difficult to mow, and some are coming up after years of soil shifting.  We’re going to reuse the black border as much as we can so we purchase less.  This should be interesting.

What’s on your spring project list?  How are you finding deals in the process?


One thought on “Chez CT Gets Some Attention

  1. Natural edges are nice! 4″ deep about 1/2″ (i’ll have to check with Dave” wide around beds. Eliminates need for plastic and weeds don’t jump)


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