2013 Menu Planning: 3/17 – 3/23/13

A little chilly for spring to arrive, but that means possibly (dare I dream it?) a cooler summer than last year.  But for now, our dinners will just start to be a little lighter.

Here’s what I’ve got on our dinner menu plan:

Sunday: St. Patty’s Irish Stew (arm roast 2.99/#; carrots .20; potatoes .25; onion .30; gravy free); beer bread (thanks for the suggestion, Jen!) (~.60).  About $6.00.

Monday:  Turkey soup (leftover meat; onions .25; carrots .20; peas .25; leftover noodles); whole wheat bread.  About $1.50.

Tuesday:  Bean burritos (refried beans .75; can beans .50; cheese .50; tortillas .98; tomato sauce .20), rice (.40), green salads (.30).  About $3.75.

Wednesday:  Creamy chicken (chicken .25 yes!; homemade sauce ~.30) over baked potatoes (.50), carrots (.20), salads (.30).  About $1.60.

Thursday:  Happy Spring!  Dinner TBD.  Maybe manicotti from the freezer (~4.50) or maybe leftovers.

Friday:  Tomato soup (.40), grilled cheese on whole wheat (~.75).  About $1.20.

Saturday:  Scouts soup supper cookoff @ church.  Mmmm!

These seven meals for us will cost about $17.50! We’re getting through the freezer and pantry stashes, but it’s a process, what can I say?

So what’s on YOUR menu?

For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday at OrgJunkie.com.


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