2013 Menu Planning: 3/10 – 3/16/13

I seriously just changed the “2012” to “2013” in the title of this series.  In my defense, life is just crazy for me right now.

I’m trying to eat out of our pantries and freezers, a quest I began back in November.  There is so. much.  food.  And I really am trying not to stock up on stuff.  Which leaves me with dinner menus planned through Easter, but many shifts in plans.  Like a little one with multiple teeth extractions, which requires softer food.  And a teen who eats earlier than us on work days, and later on training days.  For the most part, I’m finding easy substitutions, but my well-planned meals are not all getting eaten.  I know I’ll end up with food for meals through mid-April, at least.

So this week is a weird meal planning week.  Here’s what I’ve got on our dinner menu plan:

Sunday:  Lasagne from the freezer (4.50), broccoli florets (free).  About $4.50.

Monday:  Leftovers for #1 (already figured into last week’s budget).  Peanut butter sandwich and milkshake for #2 (~$1.00).  Almond chicken for us (leftover chicken from freezer (.12 — yes, twelve cents), leftover shredded Swiss (.50), 1/2 cup milk, 2 tablespoons sliced almonds) over wide noodles (.30), green beans (.25).  About $2.75 total.

Tuesday:  Homemade pizzas with whole wheat pizza dough (2 x .80), leftover sauces, turkey pepperoni (.60), more leftover chicken (.12), mozarella ($2), herbs.  Extra salad for me (.20).  About $5.00.

Wednesday:  Tuna patties ($1.20), veg medley from freezer (.90), salads for all (.45).  About $2.60.

Thursday:  Two camping (separate budget).  Turkey-stuffed peppers for two from the freezer (1.50 for four), salads (.25), carrots (.35).  About $2.10.

Friday:  Join campers for cookout; #1 on his own.

Saturday:  Chicken (1.24 for many thighs) cacciatore (.75 extra ingredients), polenta (.35), broccoli (free), salad for me (.20).  About $2.50.

These seven meals for us will cost about $19.50, and I’ll take it!  You can see we’re eating more produce, and it’s paying off in more ways than one.  I’m searching out organics when I can, which brings up the cost of salads a bit.  But that’s okay, and I’m fine with dinners for less than $20 for the week.

We go through a lot of sandwiches for the guys, and snacky foods for lunches as well as after school.  Whole grain crackers, nuts, cheese, yogurt, fruit.  And milk!  I’ve been finding gallon organic milks up the street for just $1.99 quick sale, which is so helpful, and the boys do drink it quickly.

Since it’s still Lent, we’re still not having planned desserts.  We did have pineapple sherbet (in the freezer a while) last week to cap off an Asian meal.  Two meatless meals per week really help the budget, and our health.

So what’s on YOUR menu?

For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday at OrgJunkie.com.


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