The Thrill of Taking Care of Myself

So you might have noticed a pronounced shift in Thrills for me.  I’m still all about the deals, in grocery, home goods and such.  But the most Thrilling events for me lately have been when I’m not out doing deals, but paying attention to what I’ve already got.  Oh, I’m still finding deals on what we need, but what we need is shifting.

Since I’ve reached that Hill, I’ve been striving to stay atop it, rather than sliding down the other side.  I’m 52 now, and dealing with lots of “changes.”  Perhaps the symptoms that go with these are part of my making healthy adjustments.  I’ve gone off some meds ($ saving), and feel much better.  I’m taking AM/PM supplements (clearance with coupons) that really work for me in reducing the severity of the flashes, and helping me sleep through the night.  All the Zero Water I’ve been drinking is flushing away the bad stuff that complicates symptoms, and a much better diet helps.

In addition to eating and drinking better (also $ saving), I’ve been downsizing.  That includes my body, wardrobe and “stuff.”  Exercise, closet purging and spring cleaning/clearing have been doing wonders for me.  My exercise source is “Walk Away the Pounds” with Leslie Sansone, which I found at Half Price Books for $6 for 2 DVDs.  My reading list and guides include The Seven Pillars of Health by Dr. Donald Colbert, Get the Sugar Out by Ann Louise Gittleman, and How to Never Look Fat Again by Charla Krupp, all available at the library.

Exercise has definitely been on my daily menu.  I’m doing indoor walking three times per week, 30 minutes (the 2-mile walk right now), with awesome results.  When I am consistent with walking and eating well, I lose about 2-3 pounds per week.  When I indulge in pizza slice or a chocolate bar, that stalls.  Still, I have lost 10 pounds since early January!  Thank you, Leslie.

Dr. Colbert takes you day by day through small changes you can make to improve your health.  Many of these I already do, but I am learning a great deal, and taking many of his suggested actions.  Learning about water really opened my eyes to how bad our Omaha tap water really is, no matter what they say.  I am now looking for a whole house filter that is affordable — we’ll go through a lot of filters because of so much stuff in our water source.

Colbert discusses detoxifying in great detail and explains the benefits of infrared saunas for ridding our bodies of buildup and toxins.  The day after I read this, Groupon offered a terrific deal for infrared saunas, 2/$15!  (Coincidence?  Divine intervention.)  I had my first one Friday, and it was awesome!  Not as hot as I expected, dry but not parching.  I have felt great since then.  Some cuts and blemishes have healed speedily.  I feel toxins have left the building!

Another big part of taking care of myself has been feeling better about how I look.  Let’s face it, 52 makes you take a long look in the mirror, wrinkles and all.  Charla Krupp addressed looking slimmer after a certain age in her second book, and after testing her theories with my own wardrobe, I had a purging weekend.  I donated more than half my wardrobe, accessories and shoes to Goodwill (receipt detail = $250!), without a glance back.  I then purchased shape ware on sale with extra 15%, to add to the two I had, and started to feel better in my presentation.  I found with a few alterations, I can salvage some skirts and pants.  It feels really, really good to walk into a half-organized closet (DH is on his own), and open organized drawers with room for more storage (organization = free).  Getting dressed is so much easier!  Then I found Project 333 (33 items to wear for 3 months), and I’m committed to buying and owning less (but not to just 33 items).

I’ve cleared the old yukky stuff out from under the bathroom sink, too, and while I tossed a bunch, I found some good, valuable items in there that I’ve started using again.  Whitening mouthwash, 2 extra bottles of eyeglass cleaner, Mary Kay Satin Hands, unopened Olay purchased a month ago, still-good Jergens Natural Glow firming!  And I rediscovered my small collection of spa stuff: facial mask packets, bubble bath, fizzy drops, and scented candles.  Mmmmm!  I know what I’m doing Thursday night.  Sometimes a little pampering time is just what I need to alleviate the stresses of Life.

This might be a good opportunity for you to sort through your stuff, too.  Maybe it’s time for a change in your self-care routine, or your wardrobe, or your diet and exercise habits.  I’ve spent very little money on getting where I am right now, over the last three months.  Getting stuff away from me (weight, excess closet stuff, out of date products) has made me feel so much lighter and confident.  How Thrilling!

What do you do to take care of yourself these days?


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