Amazing and Frugal Changes at Chez CT

Slowly, I’ve been making some changes in our home.  Healthy changes.  Eating changes.  Drinking changes.  I’m feeling it, too, and I’ve noticed some improved moods, habits and coloring.  So easy.

Since I’ve been using Zero Water, I’ve noticed that I’m drinking more of it, and food even tastes better.  #2 pours from the pitcher, but #1 does not like the taste of it.  What?!  DH drinks it when he remembers.  This water is so much better for us!  I see clearer and more glowing skin, with a little more color due to increased circulation.

We’re eating a little less meat.  Well, those of us who eat at home, anyway.  (#1 has had one crazy schedule lately.)  I personally am trying to limit my meat consumption to one meal per day, and getting my protein from other sources during the day.  There has been significant improvement in my mood, and in my guys (although #1 is stressing out, but it could be worse).

I made a partial switch to whole grain foods long ago, and now new purchases are all whole grain.  We’re seeing many benefits from the added fiber and nutrients, such as regularity, skin and hair improvement (and growth!), and energy.  I found 5# 100% whole wheat flour at Baker’s for about $2.50, and that has been replacing white flour in roux, coatings, etc. for a few weeks.

With the help of printable coupons and sale prices, I’ve been purchasing organics when I can.  Earthbound Farms provides some great coupons.  With destruction blocking any easy way to get to Trader Joe’s, I’m discovering organics in my regular stores.  Natural Grocers opened recently at 172/Center, but that’s a trek, too — great deals in their flyers.  I plan to get to Tomato Tomato soon (I keep telling myself that, and I just need to put it on the calendar) for local fresh produce.  But it’s winter, so naturally offerings will be limited.  Still, the organics taste far better, have more nutrients than conventional, and don’t have to blow the budget.  My guys have more cheek color and faster healing now (scrapes, dental issues and bruises have all improved).

I’m using all the produce!  I’ve tossed out very little lately, and find myself making more interesting salads with homemade vinaigrette dressings.  It’s easier to get the guys to eat fruit when it tastes so much better.  We’ll be having more smoothies because I’m paying more attention to the produce and am able to pop things in the freezer before they get beyond salvation.

These are some things I’ve been doing for the family.  I’ve also been taking better care of myself, and I’ll post about that separately.

What do you do for your household to improve your diet?


2 thoughts on “Amazing and Frugal Changes at Chez CT

  1. Love this! We, too, have be more aware of what we’re eating at our house. No more Frakenfood! I also use the website to find sale and coupon match ups at Whole Foods. If you follow the Midwest section on this site, the ads match 95% of the time to the Omaha store. With a little planning, you can get high quality, organic ingredients and still maintain a budget!


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